Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th September 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th September 2021

Check Gemini daily horoscope for Thursday, September 16th, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. You might be in a very romantic mood today … A little too much, even thinking all day about a certain person you met recently. Or recently rediscovered … Well, give free rein to your pleasant reverie and organize your evening in that sense. Don’t be afraid to overdo it! Your partner will appreciate the beautiful staging of your face-to-face meeting.

The time has come to overcome some old fears. Perhaps you have had some kind of phobia in the past. You may be afraid of flying. Or be afraid of dogs. Perhaps you dislike dark places and prefer to always leave the lights on. Today could be a good day to start dealing with these fears. Find a way to focus on positive thoughts and feelings. You could seek the advice of an understanding therapist or friend.

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You are in tune with your environment, continue the effort you started on your diet and everything will be fine. You will have the art and the way to avoid difficulties and to show your values more firmly without detours. Your sincerity helps you in your daily life and your exchanges.

Your open-mindedness allows you to expand your circle of friends. It is not your need for independence that is preventing you from connecting with others. Your judgment is based on reflection, more rarely on fleeting impressions or intuitions. Today, there is an element of idealism that supports your great sense of logic. Your feelings are dazzling, but you manage your emotions.

Here is a great day out if you have something to claim for your dear intimate life. Indeed, today there is no question of putting things off until the next day! Expect to confront the “other” – partner or colleague – to make yourself heard. Rest assured, we will certainly listen to you! Be careful that the words you use don’t go too far beyond your thought.

You could feel somewhat antisociable. The energy of the day could make you act like a hermit. If you’ve been busy for a few days, you may need some time to yourself. You may want to let your family or friends know that you need to rest. Lock yourself in a quiet room and spend some time in meditation. Read a good book as a happy distraction. Try to disconnect from work and money worries as much as possible.

“Flee from me I am you, follow me I am running from you”, is an adage that seems to govern the least of your actions today. The presence of the planet Mercury in your axis evokes a crossover in love worthy of the greatest vaudevilles. You are in the middle of marauding! Ascendant Libra, your indecision is reaching its peaks you are disoriented to the point of not knowing at all what you want. You want everything and it’s opposite to the point of making the chosen one of your heart goats.

The days go by and are not the same. If you’ve been feeling a little tired lately, it’s just a bad memory today! You regain your iron health and your zest for life. This is the perfect opportunity to update yourself. Take all the work you left out and finish it! You will feel the satisfaction of a job well done quickly!

Wow, you find yourself cleaning, sweeping, and tidying up your relationships like never before! There is more to be done, but in the end, your relationships will have taken completely different forms. Today, for example, someone at work will endorse your ideas. You are in a process of change and all the people in your relationships will support it!

Pluto’s alignment with Saturn indicates that a mistake is going to be made. The dwarf planet sows discord in your professional life. It pushes you to make a mistake, to the wrong word, to a monumental blunder, to the piece of salad between your teeth, to the cataclysm. Before an important meeting, carefully check your records and make sure you are perfectly on point before you start. Think carefully about your answers so as not to reveal compromising information, step on the brake before being stopped dead.

Money and Luck
Great upheaval is likely to come to you in the person of a young woman whom you did not yet know. She will offer you different alternatives and attractive perspectives but in a very different professional context. So, be sure to take all the necessary factors into account before you make up your mind. Do not close the door to novelty under the pretext of an unreasonable fear of the unknown, because it is characteristic of novelty!

Today do not hesitate to express your opinion, both in personal and professional circumstances. You will be afraid of being “the one who knows everything” if you start to present solutions for the large number of problems that invade your professional environment. But don’t be afraid. They think you are an experienced leader, although sometimes you need to remind your entourage how talented you are. Today give yourself a chance to do just that.

You are caught in the net of your spending needs today. Which makes it difficult to make objective decisions. You are doing too many things at the same time and of course, you risk making unnecessary purchases. You have blind confidence in your colleagues, a good atmosphere prevails within your workgroup, you are relaxed, confident, and filled with hope. You take full advantage of a positive atmosphere, we want you!

Take advantage of this day to take care of yourself. If you’re tired, take a nap in the sun, eat healthily and exercise. This day is made to let go of the ballast, to see things and people from higher up, and to take distance from everything that seems heavy to you. Think only of yourself and ask yourself if the image your mirror reflects is the one you are looking for. A healthy mind in a healthy body is your goal!

Today try to go to a serene place, where you free yourself from desire and jealousy. You must take your time to recognize the incredible growth that can be generated from this position of calm and pure satisfaction. Get rid of that extra baggage that you cling to for support or relief. The less you have to carry, the freer your arms will have to create.

A good hygiene life and a regular practice of sporting activity will be greatly favorable to your tone and your health. Your vital energy is on the rise, take the opportunity to try new sports and take care of your diet. Reduce your consumption of sweets and red meats, stop over-salting your dishes and eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably in season.

Family and Friends
With this negative aspect of Pluto, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea that someone in your household suddenly dies or could become seriously ill. If the fear of seeing those you love die is normal, these ideas ruled by the dwarf planet should not obsess you to the point that you can no longer live the present moment. On the contrary, listen more to those close to you and use this fear as a call to review your priorities. Maybe you just feel guilty about having too little time for them?

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