Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th February 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th February 2021

A promise can be broken as a result of the retrograde action of your ruler Mercury, so do not rely too much on what you have been told about marriage, serious commitment, or living with you. With the effluvium that comes from the sextile of Jupiter with your ruler today Thursday -60 degrees difference between the two-, you feel in a plane of attraction towards someone new in your emotional landscape. Live your fantasy, but with tact and caution so as not to complicate your life. Now your sentimental horizons are enriched and if that incipient relationship makes you happy, give love a chance! Your efforts will not be fruitless. Seek support from those around you. It would be wise to give yourself more moments of relaxation to recharge your batteries and gain energy. Think about it! Today, you have the energy to go the extra mile and roll up your sleeves to move forward and defend your interests. Take advantage of it because there is recognition at the end of the road. You will be able to savor the present moment in all serenity and without feeling guilty!

Today you can sit in front of your computer for a minute to research something on the Internet and you will end up spending most of the afternoon ecstatic by what you are reading. You could very well find some information on the occult and mysticism. You have always been fascinated by it, and now that you started learning you don’t want to stop. Maybe I should sign you up for a workshop to learn and mingle with others who have a similar interest.gemini daily horoscope 18th february 2021

With your ruler Mercury, retrograde, in transit through Pisces, you now see him with another perspective, Gemini. A separation? This is temporary and in no time you will be rebuilding your love life again. This is your time of reconciliation, sentimental arrangement, and a refreshing attitude towards life.

The announcement of your ex’s marriage hit like a thunderclap. Still, in denial, you naively thought that this news would go unnoticed. Indeed, because of daily arguments, your married life had become unmanageable. Of course, separation remained the only viable solution. Yet the influence of Mars on your sign attests to it. It is the beginning of a process of rebirth. Go beyond mistrust and trust yourself. Meetings will change your destiny.

There is no more powerful and attractive human being than you are today. You radiate success and you are unstoppable in all areas of your life. You will handle difficult business situations with ease, and your love life will be fiery. It is time to focus your formidable powers on what you really want from life. You will find yourself in places or situations that you never dared to dream of.

You have a strong planetary sensitivity that can cause allergic reactions. Take better care of your health, but do not overdo it, remember that the secret lies in the balance. You were coming out of an extremely fragile period and your body sometimes finds it difficult to respond correctly to your orders. Take care! Your body demands rest in a calm, silent, and serene environment. Avoid stressors. Eat-in reasonable amounts by cultivating slowness. If you practice a sports activity, choose a soft sport without music. Once fully recovered, you can go dancing and partying again. Everything in its time.

Come out of your shell today, and try not to be so lonely. You will never find your way until you explore the various options. The good news is that you will feel quite strong emotionally, which will give you the confidence to address people in authority, and thus earn their respect and trust in whatever project you are involved in.

You will need to apply your intuition and inner knowledge of the human being to be able to face annoying situations with someone very emotionally unstable whose nonsense makes you angry. Calm down, don’t be exasperated, apply your class and presence of mind.

Today you will do well. You will have renewed energy and greater perspectives for things – especially those that relate to work. Take advantage of this to finish projects that await you or clean and organizing your desk or closet. Trust that you will be able to handle almost any task very quickly and when everything you wanted to do is done, make some plans for a little recreation. You deserve it.

Money and Luck
Did you start a new project? You must be prudent and listen to advise and recommendations from those who have been in this type of business longer than you and can advise you effectively to conduct it better. Your previous experience will allow you to discover where the best opportunities are. Gemini Luck Today

Your home can be a very visited place today. Throughout the day you will have visitors coming and going, perhaps at some point, you will get irritated. You will also find that you will have to calm attacks of anger from a member of your house. Be careful, that this person’s problems do not exacerbate you because otherwise, you will also have a fit of anger! Try to stay calm and focused and you will survive the whole day!

The day will be tense at work for the natives of your sign. The presence of Mars creates turbulence in your sky. Listen to the instructions and advice of your superiors so that the atmosphere is correct. If you are in a moody mood, don’t give up in your workplace. You are a strong person and you have a lot of ambitions. If you are looking for a position, unfortunately, it is not today that you will be spotted. Hold your head up, tomorrow is another day.

Family and Friends
Friends of my friends are my friends. Really? The relationships you have with some of your loved ones can cast doubt on the lucidity of this adage! Under the influence of Mars, you let jealousy get the better of you more and more… to the point of feeling this feeling towards the close relations of your friends, whom you know very little about. Learn to control your emotions, both positive and negative, so you don’t fall into a form of addiction or friendly jealousy.

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