Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Do not let doubts, fears and insecurities spoil your loving and sentimental present. You are in a happy moment where everything is possible, but to achieve it, it leaves behind the pessimistic and defeatist attitudes and happily faces the day. You have unlimited creativity and originality today. How will you do to express this rich creativity that is so abundant within you? If your environment does not allow you to express it, change the environment and try to create a new reality. It’s the only way you can use all this incredible energy in a productive way.

Although you will not have the necessary help to carry out a work project you will be able to finish it successfully and then you will feel the satisfaction of having done something positive. Do not be guided by the comments of others and insist.

When something does not go as planned, intelligence teaches us to adapt to new situations and on this Thursday you must do so by changing your strategy of conquest and acting sensibly in the face of a loving setback or unexpected response or reaction. Today it seems that your usual energy and enthusiasm, especially to communicate with others, have left you. If you are not careful, misunderstandings will arise with your business colleagues or with your partner. They could get to fight. Therefore, you should pay special attention to those who try to communicate with you. Admit it: today you will have to work harder to avoid friction. Get ready!

Always take care of your diet and your physical activity as your sign is inclined towards increases in blood pressure during this cycle and also to gain weight. A few kilos – or pounds – of more could cause you worry if you do not take better care of yourself. You will feel as if you have been sailing effortlessly and suddenly someone throws the anchor outboard. Your boat has stopped and you are anxious for the wind to blow again. Do not forget that you must first stop with what you are doing and raise anchors. In short, take care of the mistakes you have made. Then you can continue with your trip.

What you do on this day is very well sponsored so do not worry, go ahead with your purposes and never allow the frustrated, discouraged and complaining to fill you with negative ideas and take you away from your work goals. Today you will feel encouraged to make improvements in your house. You could also consider a move. Maybe you look at real estate ads thinking about investing in a new home. Or you may look for apartments in a great place. It’s time to aim high and start living the life you were born for.

Money and Luck
You are inspired with important thoughts and intuitions that will allow you to go to places where there is money and fortune. It’s your day to make travel arrangements and also to put economic worries aside and succeed. Today you might find yourself initiating many fascinating conversations about various matters of common interest with your friends. This could lead to future plans and objectives, either from a group company or on your own. The mental stimulation that you will get from these activities will accompany you for a long time. Write anything that catches your attention. At night, take a walk before going to bed, or you will not be able to sleep.

By Mary Emma

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