Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd June 2022

The sagacity and flexibility of your mind will be honored today. But it is not enough for you to be in good conditions for all obstacles to disappear! Rather than colliding head-on, know how to circumvent, evaluate, the obstacle in order to better face it. Postponing this deadline would be a total mistake. If you really have a specific problem, you will have to face it now before it grows on its own!

You will be the object of many solicitations tending to engage you in important projects. Be careful not to let yourself get involved in an association or collaboration that will be presented to you as being wonderful, and demand proof, figures before signing anything. Be very careful and only take risks if you have complete confidence in the proposed project.


Gemini Daily Horoscope for Thursday 23rd June 2022

At work you will have all your mental acuity, Gemini will do well. A few busy days await you, do not worry as they will be favorable at work, take advantage of them. In your job you could have some inconvenience, but you can overcome it. In matters of love, it could be that the partner of one of your friends is separating and catches you in the middle.

If you don’t have a partner, you can find her in a different environment than usual. The family will give you their support and everything will be pleasant for you this day. Try to rest a little more from all your worries, you have the right. An annoyance or problem that you had will disappear and you will feel very well. If the weather allows it, take advantage, go out and take a good walk, it will be stimulating. Keep doing what is giving you such good results in your health.


your love horoscope 23rd june 2022
Gemini Love Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

You will be tempted to role play or put on a mask to make an impression today. You may have a job interview or a performance to present… Or you are trying to seduce a charming person! You are particularly concerned about your image at the moment. It is the beating heart of Gemini that is agitated! But don’t force yourself and don’t change anything. You are perfect as you are!

If Venus is in this position, it is a sign that love at first sight could fall on you today. In any case, happiness in love will pass within reach. It’s up to you to catch it! Don’t be so shy or dizzy that you miss the boat and then have eternal regrets. Even if you decided a long time ago to close the doors of your heart, you will change your mind this time, without warning! If you live as a couple, try to remain faithful to your spouse or partner, because extramarital temptations will be strong.

A master in the art of procrastination, you use delaying tactics to escape what seems to you to be restrictive. Vacations ? Later. Tidying up ? Later. The children? Later. Moving ? Later. The presence of Neptune in your sky indicates that your gaze, turning away from home, turns to a metaphysical quest. You want to understand the why of things and for that you need time for you and only for you. Single, you look for your intellectual double in the other.


work and job horoscope 23rd june 2022
Gemini Work Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

Today, you might make the decision to approach a problem from a radically different angle. You may be stuck in a hopeless situation at work, without really being responsible for it. We must surely start applying another strategy to get out of the rut. And ask around for some advice before implementing your new battle plan.

This time, you will be able to broaden your professional horizons through meetings and the support of influential people. Confidence will also be there and will make you take bold initiatives.

Money and Luck

work and job horoscope 23rd june 2022
Gemini Work Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

You’ll be in a creative mood today! You will want to innovate and update files or computer equipment that is a little outdated by new technologies. You might also have bright ideas about a business strategy to adopt. If you are your own boss, do not hesitate to let your creative spirit speak, it is the ideal day to embark on new projects. Be confident, your lucky star is watching over you!

A financial loan can help you get out of a bad situation. With a little resourcefulness, you can benefit from it. Remember, however, that “borrowed money goes away laughing and comes back crying”.

“So much goes the jug in the water that in the end it breaks”. You know it, but you don’t learn anything from it. By dint of quibbling over trifles, of constantly contesting and multiplying the “small” provocations, you greatly annoy your hierarchy. Your once well-regarded pranks only amuse you. It’s time to renew yourself and grow a little. What makes you charming in the family, makes you professionally irritating. Learn to adapt to your audience, because your audience seems determined not to adapt to you.


health horoscope 23rd june 2022
Gemini Money and Luck Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

Have you lost track? Are you going in all directions without really finding where to go? Have you studied sufficiently the direction in which you should direct your energy? Perhaps you still follow old directions, those given to you by your family, more or less consciously.

Try to get away from it. This turbulence of Uranus should prompt you to watch your weight. The distribution of the daily calorie ration in four or five meals will do you the greatest good and will help you to better preserve your line.

Try to let go and not walk away if you feel anger rising inside you. You will be in a foul mood which will be amplified by the position of Mars in the center of your Sky and will have a hard time saving those around you from your ire. Exercise restraint because you may feel the physical aftermath of your anger. Palpitations or anxiety attacks cannot be ruled out, so try to curb your impulses and try to better manage your emotions or you risk seeing your body suffer the consequences of this state of intense stress.

Family and Friends

your family and Friends horoscope 23rd june 2022
Gemini Family and Friends Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

A dispute with your family or your children could upset you. You will wonder about the validity of their reviews. Know that, despite everything, it is not always you who are right. Natives of the sign, do not give up in the face of the whims of your children or the latest whim of your spouse. You have to make an effort, the planet Mercury invites you to communicate with them in a clear and positive way.

Teenagers sometimes find it difficult to express their emotions clearly. You have to put your cards on the table with them. Specify your wants and needs. Your family life will be all the more harmonious and joyful. For those who are not yet parents, remember that your elders are always there when you need them.

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