Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th November 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th November 2018

The only retrograde planet is Uranus, precisely in transit through Aries. Avoid discussing personal matters of your colleagues with other people because today a halo of sarcasm surrounds you and who less thinks could go from gossip and get involved in a situation not pleasant for you.

You are starting a cycle of economic recovery if you recently had problems with your money or you were involved in a legal situation such as a divorce, lawsuit or litigation. The period that now opens is promising and you should take advantage of it, especially now that you have the Moon in transit through a sign of the fire element that is very similar to yours, which is air. Go preparing for a month of December very active, lively and fun.gemini daily horoscope today thursday 29th november 2018

It is your stage of intensity and desire associated with romance and fun. Since when do not you take a vacation with your partner? It is time to get out of the routine, go to an ideal place a weekend, away from everyone, and enjoy your privacy more. If you do not have a stable partner now, do not worry, sometimes it’s better that way so you can better enjoy your ability to have friends, have fun and not be accountable to anyone in your life.

If you let daily worries arise in your life, these worries will begin to cause physical problems and in a short time you will feel sick and ill. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions and during these days you tend to worry without real reasons, Geminian.

It is time to consider some type of additional work that you can do without being overwhelmed, because now there will be a cycle in which there will be extra expenses at home and with that money you will be able to face them. Remember that December is a period of invitations, commitments, gifts, and you must be prepared ahead of time.

Money and Luck
You are approached by people who have business and are considering doing something with you in that sense. Analyze your offers, can be a good way to earn extra money, but do not leave your usual occupation for something that is not yet true. Take everything as something extra, not essential.

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