Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th November 2017

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th November 2017

The transit of Mars in the sign of Aquarius that is of air, like yours, on this Thursday, your zodiacal, Gemini day, creates an ideal astral landscape in which you will overcome the doubts of the past.

You are in an important cycle for your loving renewal and you will be able to consolidate a relationship started recently. You will know very well what to do when solving pending issues and when you do you will be recovering ground that you thought you had lost. Even if there are delays do not worry, they are part of the process that is happening, but they will not be for long and soon you will be experiencing in your own flesh what you are longing to enjoy and it was only a dream, a fantasy.gemini daily horoscope of 9th november 2017

Gemini Love
Romance and sensual adventure await you on a short vacation or on a trip that you will make in a few days. An unexpected appointment to a romantic and overly intimate place can disconcert you initially. However, if you are interested in the company of that person, access, explore and then decide if it suits you, or not.

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Gemini Health
Your body and your mind work in a coordinated way on this day and if you visualize yourself healthy, happy and happy, this is how you will feel. Leave sad thoughts and worries aside and your health will reward you a lot. Do not forget what I have always told you “we are what we think we are”, Gemini.

Gemini Work
Follow your hunches and you will be placed on the right path to carry out your projects at work. A conflicting partner will be creating problems and you must act with discretion. Do not listen to him and you will avoid complications. The best to provoke people is to ignore them.

Gemini Money and Luck
Did you know that in this planetary cycle you have many possibilities to receive money that is half frozen? When it happens do not spend it immediately but rather save it as a reserve that will be very useful in the near future.