Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 19th January 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 19th January 2021

The Moon in the fire element and your ruler in transit to the air element create an explosive combination. These astral movements tend to cause some sentimental confusion that requires patience on your part, Gemini. For example, if your partner accuses you of having committed infidelity or having done something of which you are innocent, instead of protesting and defending yourself with harsh words, let her vent and talk later when everything has passed and calm reigns. Happily, misunderstandings will be satisfactorily resolved with the direct energy of your ruler Mercury.

Today your things will improve, and you will discover that your emotions are much more controlled than usual. You have an extra-strong connection to nature, and your cultivated and sensitive side is shining through. Show others that you are not that stubborn and aggressive person they think. Let them know that other side of you.gemini daily horoscope 19th january 2021

The transit of your ruler, the planet Mercury brings renewal to your life so if you fought with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, and you feel sorry, it is time to put aside your hurt pride and take the first step towards reconciliation. . That person waits for your initiative and if you do, you will not regret it. Your present is what counts, Gemini, it is something that you transform every day in your favor.

Today you will wake up feeling strong and confident, and the good news at work will only boost your spirits. It could be a raise, a promotion, or some other type of progress and it will mean an increase in your income. In the afternoon, you might go to an office party to welcome a new team member or to say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving the group. You will have a good time chatting with colleagues without having the pressure of work. At night: Relax!

If you go on vacation as a couple, you will rediscover why you love your partner with love. It has some nice surprises in store for you, you will be moved. Take advantage of these moments of happiness to reconnect the strong bonds that unite you. If you are single, don’t be afraid to be alone. It can take a while before you find the right person, and one night’s stories never get very much. Don’t give up, your turn will come faster than you imagine.

The ailments that are associated with blood pressure and diabetes noticeably improve and you feel positively flooded with an aura of self-improvement. Follow a healthy life plan, eliminate from your diet what hurts you and you will notice an increase in your vitality.

Today you may feel that you need to defend your reasons. This can really baffle you, especially if you don’t see the need to. Don’t take it personally. Just because you know why you do things does not mean that the other knows. It may be a simple communication problem. Make an effort to clarify your position. If this is not enough, it will no longer be your problem. The other person will have to review your inability to trust.

It’s decided, you must react before it is too late. In small strides, start by taming the contact with your body. To do this, you need to completely change your physical appearance to destroy your old psychological torments over time. Blocked latently in your unconscious, these have already made you waste too much time. The first step, smile at yourself at least once a day in the mirror. You will see, it is liberating.

Today’s cosmic energy is dissimilar. Work originating from your home or related to land, purchases, and sales is very well sponsored on this day. Follow your hunches, but do not embark on any type of activity for which you are not well prepared, and before signing contracts or commitments, get adequate advice.

Today you will have unusual luck in business. Perhaps you will receive good news about a promotion or promotion. You will finally get a positive response for working so hard. Try to use this opportunity to your advantage. You could negotiate a salary increase. Or you could ask for some extra benefit at work. The limit is the sky.

Money and Luck
With a few slight modifications or adjustments in your budget, you will save money and have more resources to buy necessary items and make future investments. It is important that you save so that you can have the resources you will need to fulfill the projects that you proposed when this year 2020 began. If you have not done it yet, hurry up, you still have time! Gemini Luck Today

Feel free to trust your mind today, but realize that there is an erratic force trying to challenge you. There is a certainty within you that helps you make decisions and respect them until the end. Don’t do anything by halves on a day like this. Unless you plan to tackle a project with all your soul, it’s probably best not to try anything.

Beware of hearsay and hallway noise. A persistent rumor undermines you daily and it may well not be in the slightest true. You are too inclined to be influenced and impressed. If you have professional fears, speak up directly to your superiors. You will be reassured and you will stop tying knots in your stomach. Nothing beats a good discussion, learn to detach yourself from the gossip of all kinds.

Family and Friends
Your family and social life will be influenced by the planets, especially the Moon. The day will normally be very sweet and happy. On the other hand, if you have teenagers or older children, you will face some disagreements. Don’t wait for the chaos to react. You need to take matters into your own hands immediately by having a discussion away from home. Listen to their requests and try to accept them without judgment. You will succeed in finding compromises and you will quickly reconnect the bonds that unite you.

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