Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th November 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th November 2018

This Tuesday is to live intensely, with the assurance that you, as a Gemini, know how to do it at all times. You will refuse the climates of crisis in family in which you indulge from time to time. Influenced by Neptune, you will seek tranquility and harmony instead.

Were there any estrangements? The astrological aura that surrounds you is ideal to reconcile with a loved one. Take the first step and you will see how you manage to solve everything that has been worrying you for so long. Today, all escapades by the imagination will have a beneficial effect on you, be it music, theater or reading. Moderate your exaltation. Avoid raising a stir, and force yourself to calm and some detachment.

It is possible that whoever is with you is somewhat demanding and this could bring personal confrontations. Proceed tactfully not to turn a simple discussion into a tremendous fight that goes out of proportion. The best? Make the most of the direct impact of your ruler Mercury by not exaggerating anything or taking out of proportion what you see or hear. This charming aspect of Venus reserves to the natives living in couples very great amorous and sensual joys. You will be effortlessly on the same wavelength as the loved one. You will be particularly tender and romantic. You will guess the desires of the other as he will divine yours, and you will find in this osmosis a real plenitude. Single, you will be a true heart of artichoke, and you will multiply the brief adventures. However, you will have chances to make a meeting out of the ordinary.

If there is an imbalance between your pace of life and your diet, the consequences would be negative for your health. It is vital to combine both so as not to cause metabolic problems. Do not exaggerate and take care more. With Jupiter and Pluto in good shape, dynamism will not fail you. But you will tend to do some excesses of table or sex, which could tire you or weaken your liver. So be reasonable.

There is a good vibration for housewives and those who are now engaged in a novel task or a business on their own. Inspiration is touching your doors and your creativity is exalted. The natives of the sign who practice an artistic profession or in connection with the creation, the publicity, will not be favored during this day. Relations with foreign countries will present some difficulties; do not be discouraged because the problems are not insurmountable.

Money and Luck
Your actions are now more prudent and this will help you to take better advantage of the economic opportunities that are now emerging. There will be money in an unexpected, but productive management. You will want to put in the head that you enter today in a period quite morose on the financial plan. Only Saturn, the star of restriction, will influence your money sector; and with Saturn, it is better to expect some stagnation. However, with Jupiter becoming favorable to you, the financial domain should in principle be protected.

By Mary Emma

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