Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 21st August 2018

Nobody can tie you and whoever tries to do it will be disappointed. You have learned to differentiate genuine people from manipulators and flatterers. Love is now presented more clearly in your life.

You will confront the new situations with optimism and freshness and you will avoid unnecessary complications in your sentimental life. It is an ideal day to relive a burning romance. The Moon in a sign of fire helps you to flex your mind and act faster.gemini daily horoscope tuesday 21st august 2018

With your regent Mercury retrograde on the day of the eclipse, misunderstandings and delays abound, even if you are traveling, you could miss the plane if you are not on time at the airport. The eclipse tends to cause dislikes between couples when something is said in a certain way and interpreted in another. The best? Measure your words and you will not have complications.

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Do not apply any unknown product in your body because your skin is in a very sensitive tone and if you use something that you do not know well you may have unpleasant reactions. Be very cautious and do not get carried away by irresponsible propaganda.

If you are in a wait time associated with a job that has been promised and has not yet arrived, do not be impatient because within a few days you will receive encouraging news about it and you will be able to solve your labor issues in the blink of an eye.

Money and Luck
The momentary impulses could cost you dearly especially now that your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and you are under the effects of the eclipse. Chance is not totally on your part on this day, but if you still decide to try that casual economic avenue, be prudent to retire on time when you should do it and you will not lose your money.