Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

In your hands is to arrange your figure, with a little exercise and an adequate diet the problem is solved. There is an interesting situation in your workplace, studies or neighborhood that has to do with someone you have not seen for a long time and now comes very changed to your usual environment.

Be careful with your comments. A person who has just arrived in your life begins to be interested in sentimentality and pleasant surprises may occur. News about your financial situation baffles you despite not being as bad as it seems. Before falling in panic, check the information. It could be a computer error or a mistake by a bank employee. It is likely that you have to deal with paperwork and paperwork but you will feel better once the problem is solved.

If you perceive a change of inexplicable character of the person that attracts you, do not start making conjectures. A reckless comment may be causing the withdrawal. One of your neighbors is missing. No one has seen this person for a long time nor is there information about her. The gossip will run like water since everyone imagines the worst. By your sense of rectitude you do not make cases to rumors, but doubts assail you. Your neighbors will feel a mixture of relief and disenchantment when the person appears alive and kicking.

Good news, Gemini. Your astral panorama of Tuesday is favorable in terms of health for you, but as always, you must do your part not to throw yourself to extremes and not want to do in a few hours what requires more time of your life. Today you may want to get more attention, but given the circumstances, that may not be a good idea. Today you feel happy and wanting to do things. Try to calm down during the day and reserve energy for the night. It would be fun to meet friends and share anecdotes about life. You will feel happy in an environment surrounded by warmth and joy.

The Moon inspires you and gives you new ideas. You find yourself with a surprise in your work center, something that you have been waiting for some time, some news that today takes you unawares. Fortunately it will not be anything negative and you will be able to face it well. If you work, you will see how today you will realize that you are in a little evolutionary phase. Perhaps a colleague jealous or envious of your abilities puts obstacles in your way. Or maybe you have not managed to convince your boss of your intentions in the company. If you do not work, you will feel the need to get going, but unfortunately the astral configuration is lethargic and does not augur changes at the moment. But the stars move and the opportunities will come. Be patient.

Money and Luck
You will solve many economic problems that were pressing you, but better still, you will be receiving offers of employment, solutions to your debts and credits and an unexpected extra income. In this astral cycle everything is possible, get ready for a trip or an unusual proposal. Relations with friends and neighbors will be warm and jovial today. If at any time you need help, you will not have trouble finding it. You feel more sociable than usual, and certainly more willing to lend a hand to whoever is. Today may well suppose a break after yesterday, so take advantage of it and see what you can do.

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