Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

It is a great day to start activities and resume projects that had been saved until a better time. The Sun is transiting your house of communication so there will be a lot of energy and drive to manifest your plans through calls and messages.

A lot of energy at your disposal, although your ruler is weakened by contact with the Sun so you have to pay close attention to the things you do since you run the risk of having to repeat what you do wrong. Remember, it is better to review before submitting.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesda...
Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The couple’s relationship has not been at its best in recent days, the South Node is passing through this sign, which translates as a distance, a need to give space to the other. Jupiter, the ruler of this house, is also in a complicated situation, so the couple’s energy asks you to take it easy.

No need to splash around in the same waste water of your unanswered questions. You start to lose your footing from flailing around. Put away your “I’m big enough and I don’t need anyone” side! You are treading water with your rusty tricycle! Get informed on the subject, consult specialists and compare your point of view with that of other people concerned by the question.

You are high today. You don’t say anything, you’re sleepy, and your mood isn’t the best we know. Good, perfect. Go back to your novel, take several naps if you can and do as little as possible, since that’s what you want. You will pass, you the constantly busy ant!.

Venus rules the house of love and has been weakened while she transits the sign of Virgo, but on this day Venus receives a conjunction from the Part of Fortune. This lightens the load on the planet of love and makes her feel happy for what she has and who she is. So if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go out and connect with others, today is the day.

It’s an ideal day for romantic cocooning! You’ve had enough of all the hassle of work. Today you would like a good little meal one-on-one with the chosen one of your heart. You will prefer the privacy of your home to a restaurant that is too noisy. Why not play the card of seduction by simmering a nice little dish to savor by the light of a few scented candles? This romantic evening will do you the greatest good!

The North Node of the Moon is located in your 1st house of physical vitality. That’s good because it gives you a lot of energy and the feeling that you’re invulnerable. The Moon is also passing through this house so in general you are going to feel very good on this day. This does not save you from taking care of your health, since Mars, the ruler of your house of illness, is transiting in another sign also ruled by Mercury, Virgo.

Virgo rules the intestines so you have to take care of what you eat and avoid eating substances that cause you problems. Another manifestation could be colitis due to stress. To handle that issue you have to handle it in a creative way with physical activity.

Chances are you want to play wild, even if your friends ask you for a trip outside. Your patience has limits, especially today, and in addition you risk being sensitive to things that generally leave you indifferent. Don’t force yourself to go out, just do what you have to do, and rest. It’s just the mood of the day. It will be better tomorrow!

In the labor issue there may be disappointments and disappointments since a project will not be able to be carried out. Neptune is transiting your house of professional recognition and her ruler Jupiter is weakened in Aquarius. This can be interpreted as delays causing disappointment. Neptune tends to generate situations in which we feel like it and we dream too big to finally wake up and realize that he was not as good as he looked. To work with this energy you have to be patient and not want to eat the cake before it comes out of the oven.

You benefit from an excellent general atmosphere today! Everything seems to be falling into place. At work, those long-term goals you’ve been working on for a long time are about to come true. Be careful, however, to be sure that all these favorable elements are based on solid foundations. It would be a shame if everything fell apart because of a single weak link.

Money and Luck
The Moon is in the sign it rules, Cancer, and this corresponds to your 2nd house of money and finances. This is interpreted as an increase in your income. It is a useful energy that helps you resolve some situations that you may be experiencing in other areas of your life. So take the opportunity and take it. The Moon also rules women so money can come from that source.

This is a day where you could show clairvoyance and insight on the money side! A new investment at the bank? Buying an apartment? Your money could well make small! If you have one who is sleeping, do not hesitate to wake him up and be more reckless. Let go of the sad savings account! Take initiatives while remaining vigilant and realistic. You have everything to gain!

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