Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th August 2018

The positive aspect of your ruler Mercury strengthens your love life. An unexpected touch of luck in chance gives you the fortune. Attend the signals that will reach you in premonitory dreams and accept invitations to places where there are legal games.

Now, due to the effluvium of the eclipse, you tend to worry too much about small things and exaggerate the difficulties. When difficult situations arise, act calmly. Everything has a solution in your affectionate and couple relationships if your attitude is positive, but if you get impatient and reckless then everything will break down.gemini daily horoscope tuesday 7th august 2018

Suddenly you feel attracted, or attracted, to whom you least thought and romance arises. Be careful if you have a partner because you could be on the verge of an act of infidelity without proposing, just to continue the game or give jealousy, something that is not appropriate during this planetary cycle.

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There is a positive period of health in your horoscope. It reactivates healing mechanisms and if you have been suffering from nervous disorders or jumps in the stomach you feel better. Do not forget to do your health purposes for the rest of the semester. Do not let the night take you.

Your regent, Mercury, surrounds you with a kind tone and your presence will give you points in an interview that will determine the possibility of conferring a new, well-paid job responsibility and promotion to your job. Do not neglect your public image and get dressed for an important occasion.

Money and Luck
During this stage in which there are retrograde planets in the environment wait a bit before making a new investment, particularly if it is a house or a car. Soon there will be better deals and you can get more advantages. Do not arrive at premature conclusions because you would be risking your money.