Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Today, Wednesday, there are many and varied astrological aspects that affect your sign, including the conjunction of Mercury with the Sun, Neptune’s trine, and sextile with Pluto, all of which create a formidable landscape that counteracts the retrograde influence of your ruler. If all this is added to the imminence of the crossing of Mercury in front of the solar disk, you will understand why so much excitement on your part. This is a time of positive, Gemini action, decisions, and conversation. Do not let yourself be influenced by those who have no power to cause you emotional or love damage because now with the retrograde energy of Mercury you usually see yourself in the middle of unforeseen situations that change the dynamics of the rest of the month. Give your space to love and do not worry about what others may think. You have the right to happiness and no one can judge you.

You would be well inspired to use your charm to make yourself known. If you teach, your messages will be received five out of five. Your eloquence is noticed and you galvanize the crowds. But certain influences push you into controversy. You will be creative and inspired to find ways to make your life easier. By putting all your good ideas into action, you will be sure to reap great satisfaction from them. So go for it!gemini daily horoscope 11th november 2020

Did you start something new in your love life? Do not hesitate in front of your partner and say what your heart contains. If you inhibit yourself and do not show your tenderness with words and deeds, you could be giving the impression of not being genuinely interested in this new relationship and pushing it away from you.

As for the heart, things are moving, for the better! You always ask for more in love, which does not necessarily help the good functioning in your relationships. Rather, look at the luck and the good opportunities available to you today. In a Relationship: Love continues on the hats of wheels for your couples. The simple act of snuggling up to your partner warms your heart.

Single: An opportunity to conclude or an opportunity to reassure yourself? Either way, your charm works. Today you are quite ready to start a new love affair. The stars play matchmaker with you. If your relationship is solid, you will begin a great phase of your life together, serene and stable, with your spouse. If your marital destiny seems fragile, this peaceful phase will allow you to take stock and calm down. Singles of the sign will have a good chance of meeting the perfect partner and, for many of them, of entering into an extremely rich marriage in many ways. In any case, the beautiful aspect of Venus is for all loners promising joy and fulfillment.

Take care of the stomach because due to certain emotional tendencies present in your horoscope you can experience digestive system disorders. Try to downplay external events so they don’t affect you. In this period of confinement, we are temporarily leaving aside the leisure section. Indeed, it does not seem responsible for us to encourage you to go out or to exercise a sport in a group. Under the leadership of Uranus, you will demonstrate great endurance and excellent physical resistance. Also, although your natal sign usually doesn’t predispose you to be overweight, you might want to lose a few pounds. In this case, thanks to Saturn (mastery), you will have no difficulty in imposing strict discipline on yourself.

It’s a good time to read the books that are sleeping on your shelves, to rediscover board games with your family, to watch your favorite movies again, to bake or make crafts. Stay at home as much as possible, take care of yourself and others. Good luck to all!

If you don’t have a job, leave the house and make contacts this Wednesday. Sitting in your home you will not solve anything. You must move, manage, get up early, prepare properly, and go out to look for work with a fresh mind. You are entering the threshold of the important transit of your ruler Mercury in front of the solar disk that will occur tomorrow and will arrive with a touch of great prosperity.

For those who continue their professional activities: You are overflowing with self-confidence and we notice it! You see far and you are full of great ideas. There is no risk of getting bored by your side, even if your social partners sometimes tremble at your beautiful insurance. Students, high school students, you will pass your exams and competitions brilliantly. You who wish to broaden your intellectual horizons, you will be able to acquire and assimilate quickly new knowledge, very useful to your career.

Money and Luck
Even if you don’t have the funds or resources for your investment right now, you can do it if you insist on your efforts. If you propose to achieve a goal, do not allow third-parties to negatively influence your projects. Gemini Luck Today

It is in a tornado of actions of all kinds that you will find a way to simplify your material life. It is also by going beyond your own limits that you will find the most useful recognition and support that will allow you to set up your projects. Uranus in this aspect will invite you to be cautious in commercial transactions, purchases, or sales because they will try to lay traps for you. It will also help you win an important business or gain the upper hand over some of your competitors or rivals by instilling lucidity and composure. But all this will not spare you struggles and endless negotiations.

Family and Friends
Your relationship with your children will be difficult. Even if they withdraw into themselves and refuse dialogue, persevere. Your efforts will bear fruit, given the good position of Pluto.

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