Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th February 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th February 2021

Mercury, your ruler, is going retrograde today, an intense, Gemini aspect. You will be loaded with many extra responsibilities, both family and work and this could create some difficulties with your partner especially if they have decided to spend Wednesday away from home. Take it easy so that your love life is not affected by these absences. Do not forget that this present is the one that now counts in your life, and if you worry too much about what may have happened in the past, you would be spoiling this beautiful reality of today.

Some changes for the better are about to happen in a group situation, possibly in your professional environment, and you are largely responsible. It’s not necessarily that you want to take control, it’s just that no one else seems to want to do something that obviously needs to be done. You have a very applied way of organizing, which is useful for ordering existing structures and implementing totally new ones. Today will be a very tiring day, but very fruitful.gemini daily horoscope 17th february 2021

During this astral period that is beginning with the retrograde transit of your ruler Mercury, but with the balance balanced due to the direct action of Venus and Mars, you will achieve magnificent results in your sentimental relationships if you rely more on common experiences and not you get to comment on unpleasant things that have happened in the past.

Good news for the natives of the sign: Venus is on your side and allows you to approach this day with ardor in the field of feelings. Under his influence, you could show yourself in a whole new light to your partner. More adventurous and reckless than usual, you are not afraid to express your desires. If you are single, this will also be reflected in more boldness. However, you will have to manage to sort out your potential conquests.

Today you could receive visitors from far away, who although they are welcome, will cause temporary chaos in your house. You’ll be happy to see them though because they have great news and exciting information to share with you and your family. You will want to introduce them to those friends who have the same interests as you. This could cause a terrible cataclysm in your house, but it would be a lot of fun. Get ready for a great social event!

You receive an astral healing vibration that helps you regain energy and gives you the necessary strength to get out of a recent light infectious process. Your health is in good shape.

The prevailing planetary atmosphere should be symbolized by a very sweet feeling of well-being and great shape. If you were tired or suffer from chronic pain, you will recover excellent tone and rich vitality. A word of advice, however: do not abuse coffee, which increases your blood pressure and cholesterol. Adopt a healthy lifestyle while respecting the needs of your body.

Today is going to be a great day for you, and you will not lack energy. Choose very physical activities. Take on projects with vigor and if you feel like yelling, do it. You have to express your ideas and emotions so that others know what is hidden behind your appearance. People should not cross your path today, because your charge of warrior energy would push you to strike back.

You are involved in a maelstrom of work, and that is good, but at the same time it requires greater organization so as not to overwhelm you so that you cannot solve especially now that the retrograde transit of your ruler is occurring. If you plan your activities everything will be possible and you will not torment yourself the rest of the day. Remember that you have a whole week in front of you.

Today you may be very busy. If you’re thinking about potential adventures or projects you’d like to do, consider talking about them with someone you trust. The energy of the day will emphasize your ability to partner with others, particularly with your superiors of many years. This way, ideas will flow to you easily. Talk about your ideas, weigh the options and see what comes out of them.

Money and Luck
Avoid incurring expenses for purchases of unnecessary items as you tend to be under a spent effluvium that could induce you to get involved in debt and stop making your payments to take care of other things. Gemini Luck Today

Perhaps this is the most meditative day of the month? It will help you take stock of how you feel internally, which you haven’t had time to do in a while. You are in the process of abandoning the burden of constantly doing your “duty”. Above all, the miracle of miracles, you finally realize that you can’t work all the time!

You are really good at whatever you do. Especially on this day when you are in great shape and you decide to invest this energy in your work. You throw yourself into your projects, do not count your hours, and know-how to maintain a serious and rigor until their completion. Also financially, you are in excellent shape. Take the opportunity to storm new markets and conquer new territories. Your assets will thus remain dynamic and efficient.

Family and Friends
We all have a different definition of betrayal until its sword grazes us. Completely traumatized by this event, you find it difficult to understand how it could have degenerated to this point. Either way, looking back you will see. This cascade of episodes will serve as a lesson for you. The only moral to remember from this story? Friendship remains a feeling to be earned. Shared confidences are almost automatically added to the trust placed in the other. To burn one of these stages is to be permanently disappointed.

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