Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Mercury, your ruler, planet of communications, is in a somewhat unstable aspect and you tend to worry too much about small things and exaggerate the difficulties. When difficult situations arise, act calmly, Gemini, and with the mental agility, joviality and freshness that characterizes you.

Everything has a solution in your affectionate and couple relationships if your attitude is positive, but if you get impatient and reckless then everything will break down. Concentrate at all times on what you have, not on what you lack since there is a happy touch in your horoscope that will launch you to new goals and achievements in a very short time.gemini daily horoscope wednesday 1st august 2018

If you have a partner, be careful with jealousy, something that is not convenient during this planetary cycle. If you are alone or alone, try to enjoy your independence in living together and sharing a quality of life with good friends.

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If you have been suffering from nervous disorders or jumps in the stomach you will feel better. Do not forget, fulfill your health purposes for this year. Do everything, do not make excuses or pretexts.

Your presence will give you points in an interview in which the possibility of conferring a new, well-paid job responsibility and a promotion in your job will be determined. Do not neglect your public image and get dressed for an important occasion that is about to present to you.

Money and Luck
Soon you will have in your hands better offers and you can get many advantages. Do not arrive at premature conclusions because you would be risking your money in businesses that really are not worth it. Go ahead and do what you feel is the best because following your intuitions you will achieve a lot, Gemini.