Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

The presence of Uranus in the 12th house will make you go against the unique thinking of society; You will also feel the need to express your thoughts about what you consider unfair or absurd. It is likely that you identify a very introverted facet in yourself and you will not want to open up to the world, on the contrary, you will want to enter your innermost world, that of the unconscious. You will be communicating in an elegant and affable way, people will find you very attractive with the warm treatment you offer them.

The influence of the sign of Sagittarius and the Moon in the 7th house will allow you to relate to your partner from the abstract mind and emotions. You will behave in a very sentimental and expansive way, the relationship will not be able to stay where it started, it will always go further.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

It’s a good day to chat with some of your family members. And if usually you do not share the same points of view as your wife or your father, today there will be a truce that will allow everyone to better understand the positions of the other. And this opportunity to talk to you will certainly make the next family reunions less stormy.

You, who usually never cease to explain everything, to rationalize in no time such and such an event by grouping everything into large theoretical groups, you have been very silent for some time. As if something required you to wiggle your tongue seven times before speaking. Today you will be entitled to a few words, rest assured.

Your home life will once again be disrupted by ill-aspected Uranus. Many of you may therefore experience difficulties with certain members of your family. If conflicts arise, try to stay calm and resolve them as peacefully as possible. For some, family life will be peaceful, but disruptions related to their home will be possible.

You will feel very, very emotional with your partner and you will project your feelings firmly and constantly, expressing your love through protection and emotional nourishment. Your certainties are shaken at the moment, and the day ahead could well give you the opportunity to learn how to react differently. Is it you feeling bigger and bigger or the world getting smaller and smaller? Neither, of course, but you no doubt aspire to leave a deeper imprint on this land which today inspires you with a feeling of belonging.

This time you will tend to withdraw into yourself at the slightest annoyance, you who need so much to evolve in a climate of trust and complicity. This is what must be avoided at all costs. Discuss with your spouse or partner the problems that disrupt your life as a couple, so that you have a chance to resolve them as soon as possible. Your efforts will surely bear fruit, thanks to the support of Jupiter in beautiful aspect. Single, be patient! It’s only now that you’ll start to have the best chance of making a defining encounter.

You must be very hygienic with yourself and at home to avoid any viral disease. Today you will be called upon to put the art of compromise and negotiation to work. Your family could be engaged in a big discussion and everyone’s opposing opinions can quickly escalate. You are able to take on the role of mediator, trying to find the solution that suits everyone. If you are calm and composed, you will be listened to. At least it is to be hoped!

Very good tone in sight. Your health sector will indeed be influenced by Mars, planet of energy, and the Sun, element of vitality. You will therefore lack neither enthusiasm nor resistance. Only the natives who let themselves be overwhelmed by the impact of Pluto are likely to go through moments of worry and anguish, which will make them somewhat nervous.

You will be experiencing moments of great work concentration, since the energy of Scorpio in the 6th house makes it easier for you to focus and tenacity in your work functions and goals. Today you will be amazed at the demonstrations of friendship made by an unexpected person.

A colleague will make attempts to discuss with you, while you are opposed on many points. Do not refuse this offer to make peace! Positive energy strengthens you today and takes some weight off your shoulders. You will feel better in a relaxed atmosphere with your colleagues.

On the work side, you will have to show that you are often the best if you want to. There will be underhanded tricks that will have to be anticipated; but you will benefit from a formidable intuition which will serve you. Today is when you will have the best opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Money and Luck
The Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house bring luck in the financial area. Mercury brings financial acumen and the Sun vitality and willpower. The sign of Cancer in this house will favor work with children, women and commerce. Your Gemini ability to seize the opportunities that present themselves will be of great use to you today.

By relying on your legendary flair, you could in particular discover why a project took so long to succeed. You may realize that on one side you are advancing, while on the other you are retreating. Relax, take out the periscope and everything will be fine!

With this astral environment, it will be high time to seriously take care of the management of your finances and to take energetic measures in order to stop the current bleeding. Try to limit yourself strictly to essential, incompressible expenses, and to give up everything else. Indeed, it very often happens that “it is for the superfluous that one sweats”. Your efforts will be rewarded.

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