Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd January 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd January 2018

The influence you receive during this last month of the year from your regent, Mercury, retrograde since the beginning of December, keeps you in a alert and alert tone, Gemini. Very soon you will be discussing a matter of money with litigants so you must keep your guard up and your eyes wide open to avoid scams, deceits or manipulations.

Do not trust the greedy ones. Your regent Mercury in transit demands of you a lot of care so as not to commit indiscretions that later will complicate you the rest of the year.gemini daily horoscope today wednesday 2nd january 2018

It activates your tender and sensitive tone, but also your fantasies and promotes sentimental speculations which makes you very prone to be a victim of what others say. Do not be impressed or listen to rumors. Enjoy life and do not worry, take it all with the mental agility that characterizes your sign of the air element.
Phrase of the day: when someone confides a secret to you, do not trust yours because it will do the same with you.

If you have made a recent clinical evaluation and you get an alarming result do not stay with the unknown, look for a second opinion, explore everything and repeat the tests. There are many possibilities of errors and you should not be impressed by hypochondriacal ideas. Do not forget that by having your regent, Mercury, retrograde, interpretative errors may arise.

Something you find out will indicate the way you should postpone a work goal in order to avoid a tense situation in your job during the next week. You are in a productive cycle, but also with envy around you and you must act with feet of lead to avoid problems especially until the 6th day in which the retrograde traffic of your ruler, Mercury, will end.

Money and Luck
An unplanned purchase will require an unexpected expense, but you can quickly transform it into an additional economic input. This night unforeseen events occur that put you in a position of advantage and the possibility of making money.

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