Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 5th December 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 5th December 2018

Do not be guided by appearances. On this day you will discover many things in the life of those who are now interested in sentimentality. They can be very positive, or maybe not, depending on what you consider.

Your reaction to what you know will determine your future, that is why it is vital that you think with your head and feel with your heart because if you do it in reverse you would be changing everything and making mistakes. Remember that while you have your ruler, the planet Mercury, retrograde, you must be very careful when promising something or pointing out a criticism to others.gemini daily horoscope today wednesday 5th december 2018

If you let yourself be impressed by appearances or by what other people say to you, you could make a serious mistake because some people approach you telling you things that are not true, and they do it with such an innocent face that you could easily believe them. While you have your regent, Mercury, retrograde you are vulnerable to comments and misunderstandings arise.

The mind and body work in unison and if one part is disharmonized the other suffers. Set aside fifteen minutes a day to perform deep breathing and concentration exercises that help you restore your inner harmony.

On this day, more than on other days, you must answer the phone, as a long distance call puts you in the way of a trip that may represent a salary increase or the probability of improving your position in your company. It is advisable to check the computer and delete all those obsolete emails that have already become current.

Money and Luck
The positive qualities of your Gemini sign such as your versatility, mental agility and natural intelligence will help you in this stage to reach that economic destiny that you have been working with so much effort in recent months. There is an economic reward on the way.

By Mary Emma

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