Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 8th November 2017

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 8th November 2017

The positive energy level that comes from your ruler, Mercury, in a direct transit, puts you on the right track at the time of love and you will know very well what to do in the face of a sentimental dilemma.

Soon you will be notified to collect a late payment and the money arrives at the precise moment. You are going to make a purchase whose realization was paralyzed due to lack of funds. Life is not static but a constant change and what now seems bad and difficult will result in something positive for you. Once this trance is over, many doors will be opened and the rest of November will be presented with very good news.gemini daily horoscope of 8th november 2017

Gemini Love
Do not externalize your feelings of affective insecurity because you could cause unstable situations in your love relationship and create conflicts with your partner. Today you are somewhat susceptible and many things you are looking at the ugly side.

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Gemini Health
Appropriately combine your superb knowledge of hygiene, nutrition and dietetics with your common sense and do not go to extremes. Do not forget that success is in control. All excesses are always harmful.

Gemini Work
If you want to do many things simultaneously you will end up doing everything wrong. The key to success is in the organization that you put into your work life. Little by little you will gain ground that you thought you had lost.

Gemini Money and Luck
There are very powerful reasons for you to feel calm and peace of mind, therefore, set aside those catastrophic ideas from your mind and continue investing, working and placing your money as you have been doing so effectively.