Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Features of Gemini

How is a Gemini Today

People of Gemini sign have a great adaptability and versatility. Gemini is intellectual, eloquent, affectionate, communicative and intelligent. They have a lot of energy and vitality. They like to talk, read, do several things at once. Geminis enjoy the unusual and the novelty. The more variety in your life, the better.

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Gemini Overview

Gemini is the sign of the twins and as such their character is double and quite complex and contradictory. On the one hand, it is versatile, but on the other, it can be insincere. They usually have elegance and fall into the mistakes of young people.gemini daily horoscope

They have the happiness, the egocentrism, the imagination and the restlessness of the children. Geminis start new activities and challenges with enthusiasm, but often lack the constancy to carry them out. They consider that life is like a game and they look for fun and new situations.

Gemini is usually polite, affectionate, kind and generous. Sometimes they use their attributes to achieve their own goals and are able to resort to lying without losing their charm in order to get what they want. They become easily discouraged (like children) when they do not get what they want, and like to receive attention, gifts and flattery. Gemini have to work hard not to get discouraged when things get tough.

The intelligence and mental ability of the Gemini make them love brain challenges and acquire new knowledge, although the learning process tends to bore them. They have great analytical capacity.

Gemini in love and personal relationships

In love the Gemini return to demonstrate its double nature. They have one side that gives themselves emotionally but another that rejects romanticism. They tend to have short relationships because they can get bored the stability of a couple once conquered. They usually have many pals and a few good friends. Gemini can be great tertullians.

Gemini and work

Although they may be unreliable, Gemini can succeed in their Daily working lives.

They know how to use written and spoken language very well, and many become great politicians, diplomats, speakers, preachers, teachers, journalists, lawyers, writers, etc. Thanks to their ability to speak and persuade, they are good sellers or commercials.

They can also triumph as soldiers because they like heroic acts. They can be good musicians, painters and sculptors.

General Characteristics of Gemini

People born between May 21 and June 21, are under the general characteristics of Gemini, being governed by the planet mercury, with its element Air and with a specific quality of mutable or adaptable. Its symbol is the twins, and its metal as its main planet is mercury, so along with its gemstone Agate and the color Malva as principal regidor, establish some behaviors and actions of each person who is under the dual Face of Gemini.

Your behavior. Some of the general characteristics of Gemini are the speed of thought and action and the duality they can present against any situation in their life. They are people who have to change their goal or focus constantly so as not to lose their concentration. Because they are very volatile and distracted and constantly change the focus of their life. In another direction that seems much more interesting or because of their curious nature are willing To face to experience new things.

They are extremely passionate when they start a new project, but their interest can be lost while they move on the chosen path, so they should look for projects that offer different options for them to develop because they lose their curiosity very easily and the commitment is migrating without realizing it To new things, leaving any project started or aside, while again causing them interest.

They are very restless and versatile and are always in search of new horizons to start over, they have no problems leaving one place to go to another completely different to do different things, indeed, they are always looking for it, not to stagnate or feel tied To something forever.

They are very good talkers and they are blessed by the incredible gift of writing, of catching ideas very fast and of proposing possible solutions to different problems or situations, so they are not effective, but they never stand still in front of a problem that they can solve with their own hands , So do not spend much time to read some text, but take a look and build a general idea and move to the next page, as their heads are spinning thousands of revolutions and are able to think of one thing while doing another completely different.

Regent planet. It is impossible to separate Mercury from the general characteristics of Gemini, since being its ruling planet, you can find great commonalities between your behavior and what the restless mercury gives you, thus, curiosity and speed are great qualities that all Those born in the house of Gemini find, the ability to solve problems immediately and the constant need to migrate to new projects, is what makes mercury so close to the sun and one of the planets to finish giving the Turn this star before the rest.

That is why the general characteristics of Gemini, make it have a fickle and very changing character, always looking for a way to overcome by quickly traveling physically or mentally to new spaces.

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