Gemini Horoscope for 26th May 2022

You are normally a very pragmatic person. Not the type to move his pawns without having studied all the possible scenarios. Yet today, you will surely bend your personal rules. You will find yourself in a situation where you will have to react on instinct if you don’t want to lose your feathers. A piece of advice, follow your very first intuition.

You always trust others completely and absolutely. But don’t be mistaken, not all people have this honesty that particularly honors you. Today, you are going to face a little disappointment and you will discover with sadness the duplicity of one of your relatives! Let this also serve as a lesson to you, you will place your trust next time with more discernment!

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Gemini Horoscope Today Thursday 26th May 2022

Today you can find yourself in a cloud of romance, imagination, and spirituality. Everything will seem perfect and wonderful…perhaps too much to be true. To keep your feet on the ground, try to surround yourself with modern gadgets, computers, electronic gadgets, or other technological marvels. Take the opportunity to learn something about computer graphics or sound engineering.

You will be more reserved than usual, especially in your love life. Even in private, you will be apprehensive about being talkative. Be careful not to transmit an involuntary subliminal message: your partner might think that you are bored in his presence! Generally, people assume that you are distant because of them. You have the right to be a little withdrawn, but be careful not to exclude yourself completely!

You will feel affectionate and romantic. You will want to buy a nice gift for your girlfriend and show her that you really care. Or maybe you express your feelings in another, more personal way. Keep those lines of communication open. Don’t be afraid to give him compliments and use pleasant language. Focus on improving your relationship with your loving energy. Soon you will enjoy a great harmony with your soulmate.

You disperse. Besides, you know it: you go to dinners in town, parties, and shows, but you’re not quite there. You listen to people, and that does not fundamentally interest you. You’re bored? Yes, but you’re afraid to tell yourself. This is completely normal. The depth of your inner explorations requires all your energy right now.

Today is a good day to be a little adventurous. You may be in the mood to try something new. Maybe you want to go to an exotic restaurant for lunch. A different ethnic cuisine can be tempting for your palate. Or you might decide to buy clothes that are unusual in color or style for you. Today you will enjoy experiencing new things. Dare to incorporate new energy into your life.

During the course of the day, you will almost certainly come to someone’s defense. Maybe one of your co-workers is going through a rough patch right now. The boss even came to want to part with him. You can intervene by helping him get back in the saddle under the effect of your valuable advice. Avoid all the same to do the work for him, it’s really not the right solution.

You can forgive someone. Perhaps to some employee who made serious mistakes on his job. Even if you have thought about firing him, he could try to correct those mistakes. If he really wants to fix the problem and adopt a more professional demeanor, you might want to give him a second chance. You are in a position to be generous and display an energy of trust and understanding.

Money and Luck
Sometimes your dreams or moments of meditation can shed light on important decisions. Today, your intuitive sense will be very insightful in the realm of money. You will be very inspired by specialized or otherwise entertaining magazines that will give you great ideas. Be curious about everything you read or hear. However, think a little bit before you put your plans into action. Write down everything so you don’t forget anything!

Your current concern may focus on your budget. Perhaps you are considering a major expense, such as buying a car or a house. Or maybe you plan to invest your money in the stock market. It may be that you are trying to balance your accounts and find out if the numbers close. You may need to take firmer control of your finances. But with patience and perseverance, you will soon have money to spare for your expenses.

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