Gemini Horoscope for 28th May 2022

The Moon over your 7th house in the sign of Capricorn is going to tell us that you will be showing your feelings of love and affection with your partner through tangible actions or with a little gift that you will be giving him, since the Moon being in an Earth sign indicates that the material activity is strong and the emotions of the Moon are channeled in this way; This will be a good detail that can bring you closer to your partner and generate an increase in the affection that both have for each other.

You will have a lot of success sympathizing with new people in social groups that you integrate since your 11th house in the sign of Pisces has Neptune and the part of Fortune inside. Take advantage of this and create many new beautiful friendships where you can share and receive affection and sympathy and so on.

This is thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Mercury that occurs from your 1st house in your sign, allowing you to be able to maintain a very harmonic, refined language and communications and where your high level of culture is denoted and your intelligence will overflow every time you communicate. something. This will serve to create good ties between the people who approach you and you will be perceived as an interesting and fun person to chat with.

Your 12th house in your own sign has the presence of the Sun; so that darkness that characterizes this house will be illuminated and you will be able to access your subconscious capacities more easily than on other occasions. In the same way you will be aware of your cons and how to overcome them and your hidden enemies will very possibly be discovered by you.

Your communicative and lively personality full of empathy and affection will allow you to enjoy very pleasant talks and situations where your intellectual capacities are the center of attention in meetings with other people as capable as you in terms of intellectuality, since your joy and fun is sharing knowledge and discussing topics of your interest with people who are well versed in them; since your 5th house in the sign of Libra connects through Venus with your 1st house and gives us these characteristics that your heart will be having in search of its daily happiness.

It is a good time for you to express your negative emotions that have been lurking in you for some time and that you can transform them and convert them into energy for other types of activities where they are more useful for your life such as exercise, sports, arts or studies because your 6th house in the sign of Scorpio connects with your 3rd house in the sign of Cancer that has Mars in it; so these emotional qualities could wreak havoc on you if you don’t transform them and stop being so tight with them.

You will have to transform the routines that you have used so far in your work activities because they are not being as effective for you or you are not feeling quite good with the results you are having, so it would be very good for you to make some adjustments and return them more practical and effective because it is the advice that Scorpio in the 6th house has for you connecting with Pluto in Capricorn from your 8th house.

Money and Luck
You are somewhat irritable or upset with the financial results you are having because it is possible that you are working a lot and are not being paid adequately; Well, Mars in Cancer does its thing in your 2nd house in this way. Do not be discouraged and remember the main reasons why you accepted this job or why you started this economic project and be very constant about it because the fruits do not take long to arrive.

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