Gemini Daily Horoscope Friday 26th July 2019

The influence that you are receiving from the lunar transit through your element, air, this Thursday, will help you to see clearly the best economic options that you have in front of you. You can invest your resources in a very intelligent way because now your intuition goes hand in hand with your common sense and you manage to advance resolutely to your economic goals.

Your life is enriched with new influential friendships and your income will soon increase. Also, in love, you will know what suits you and you will not hesitate to express it to that person that interests you, but be careful! Don’t forget to measure your words now that your ruler is retrograde.

The psychic sensibility that surrounds your Gemini horoscope on this day will allow you to find solutions to the sentimental problems present. With a good dose of understanding and tolerance, you can leave behind the fights or disagreements with your partner that could arise in the heat of the retrograde effluvium of your regent, Mercury.

You have a lot of difficulties to make accept your new relationship with your entourage. Indeed, it denotes so much with the sentimental habits that your loved ones have a hard time following you. Still, live your experience as you see fit. Nobody can decide for you. The strong presence of Mars in your sign will send you the toolbox needed to face the remonstrance of your friends or family. No doubt this test will make you grow.

You will improve in your chronic ailments especially if they are associated with the respiratory or digestive tract. If you are now in good health, do not spoil it by making the mistakes that have caused you problems at other times.

Inveterate player, the big tables attract you irresistibly. The concomitance of Jupiter’s presence in your environment could be unfortunate. Between alcohol and dishes that are too rich in fat, you are not immune to a liver crisis. But can we push to wisdom a sign known for its excesses? Without frustrating you too much, you could still consider a small detox cure. Your liver will thank you.

You will be somewhat hesitant and do not know if you should continue in the current job or change position. It is not an adequate day to make such a decision but rather to think about it, study it and consider it from different angles and perspectives.

Mercury retrogrades today and it is your sign that pays the broken pots. Some days do not deserve as many negative effects. For the natives who spend today a job interview, they will give the image of a person distracted by fuzzy and inconstant thinking. The assets will have a serious communication problem that could create misunderstandings and lead to fault. On the stock market, the anxiety will grow, the fear of losing will lead you to resell actions, however, very promising.

Money and Luck

A complex situation has a happy solution and you finally receive your money on time. The setbacks suffered before solving that economic problem will serve as an experience for you not to make the same mistakes again. Numbers of luck are 4, 11, 12, 14.

Family and Friends
While you are always ready to help others, you do not dare to ask for help from your loved ones! As if reciprocity was not due to you. Self-esteem, timidity, fear of refusal, you oscillate between various feelings that prevent you from soliciting others. Pluto well aspected will help you overcome your reluctance. A native of the second decan, you dare to assert your rights and this is a great first. Do not stop in this good way.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.