Gemini Horoscope Saturday April 8, 2017 Love Emotions

Gemini Horoscope Predictions Saturday April 8, 2017 A new emotion in love

A change of style is imposed because when the routine persists cause boredom, boredom, and in many cases ends up extinguishing the flame of love.

Take advantage of the direct transit of Mercury, your ruler, who envelops your personality with an attractive charisma in which the confused situations of the past will be overcome.

Something dream begins to take shape in your sentimental landscape so if you were alone and wanting a relationship this can mark the beginning of something new in your life.

Psychic Predictions for Love, Health and Money of the sign Gemini

  • Love

Happiness! It is the word that would define this day. Everything will work out perfect with your partner or the opposite sex. This Friday the Moon continues to travel through the sign of Virgo and the planets Venus, Saturn and Jupiter continue retrograde.

You will know very well how to direct your steps in a concrete way to achieve the love you are looking for in your life. This is the time for meetings with who is away, the letter and promising mail, the happy and happy phone call.

  • Health

Think positive and you will draw the strength you lack. The revitalizing vibration that surrounds you will help you a lot to the good assimilation of the medicines and products that you are consuming right now to protect you and improve your health. You have a good level of absorption.

  • Work

The good atmosphere that reigns in your work, encourages fellowship and teamwork. You’re very lucky, because you’re doing your best while having a good time.

Not everyone can say the same. If you are working on something that you do not like, neither fills you professionally nor morally, it is best to go directing your energies in the search of some other type of activity in which, perhaps you do not win so much, but you feel fuller and happier.

  • Money and Fortune

The day will begin neutral, be constructive and create more in yourself to tilt the balance in your favor. With the planetary force that envelops you today, you successfully complete a contract and begin a path of satisfactory income. If you get that expected money, instead of spending it, put it into a short-term interest account.

  • Friendship

Your friends adore you and will look after you for all to help you, to support you, to have fun with you or to comfort you.

  • Family

If you have children, one of them will give you great joy. Praise him and love him very much because he deserves it.

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