Gemini Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

This is because within your 1st house is your ruling planet, Mercury, and as if that were not enough, the planet of love and beauty, Venus; also.

This will give you a radiant and harmonious personality that many will notice because your way of speaking and communicating will become very intellectual but without losing elegance and refinement; It is certainly an excellent day for you if what you are looking for is to express your ideas and emotions.


The selfless help that you have come to do in one way or another will allow you to have access to social groups and people in particular who will appreciate your talents and abilities as a human being, which will give you special recognition within your circles. social; this thanks to the presence of Neptune within the sign of Pisces from your 11th house.

As a good mental sign, you are interested in educated people who generally have higher academic studies, although not because of their economic position, but because of what you can learn from them, because you love to increase your intellect and you will fall in love with these types of people who they can bring you more to your mind; Sagittarius tells us all this from your 7th house connecting with your 9th house in Aquarius.

Beautiful moments are to be expected and tender duets should mark this day. You are protected but still check your back. You are very efficient and at work, your ideas hit home. This Wednesday, May 11th, communication and diplomacy are at the rendezvous. If a falling out persists, it’s time to find common ground. So, let your guard down, express what’s on your mind and, if necessary, make your mea culpa.


What makes you enjoy life and other people in particular is elegance and refinement, culture and wisdom, since Libra in your 5th house indicates without a doubt that your joys will come from very deep and cultured conversations with people. Although they are your friends or family, they will be giving you a lot of joy today with their comments and conversations.

This day makes you intensely creative and enterprising. You are boiling. You are full of bright ideas and burn to implement them or else, you declare your flame without delay to the chosen one of your heart. As a couple: If family responsibilities preoccupy you, you will share things and distribute your energy wisely.

Count on your creativity and your popularity to make an impression with formidable efficiency and irresistible charm. Single: If you are alone, it is a good time to cement a relationship or to make a new conquest. You feel like you need to express your feelings to someone, don’t think and just go for it, you will be welcomed.


You may be having certain economic conflicts that do not leave you alone and keep you with a lot of stress and worry and that you do not want to worry anyone about it and therefore you keep it to yourself. This happens because of the presence of Scorpio in your 6th house connecting with your 2nd house in Cancer with Mars on this sign.

Avoid possible mental disorders such as anxiety attacks or stress-related illnesses by communicating your problems to your family and friends and you will see that more than one will be there to support you and help you solve them.

Your human warmth triggers new encounters and sympathy. Everything presents itself in its best light as opportunities for outings with friends. You don’t need to force contact because you are spontaneous and royal in your feelings.


The secret for you to have a calm work day and enjoy it is that you do not get caught up in conversations with dyes directly designed to annoy you and ignore people who may be envious of you and defame you, because this happens thanks to the connection of Mars in Cancer in your 3rd house with your 6th house in the sign of Scorpio.

You get some consideration from people who didn’t really pay attention to you. They have finally identified you as a resource person. It’s a real step forward that will take you far.


It is time to improve your economy by undertaking from home; for this you will have all the active energy that the planet Mars has for you and that will make it easier for you to take the first step in this project; do it and you will see that in a short time your income improves and with it your stability. Financial abundance is about to land thanks to chance, an inheritance or an exceptional commission. In fact, you want to improve your conditions thanks to your new means and to obtain a more comfortable existence.

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