Gemini Horoscope Today 13th May 2022

Your 1st house has the presence of your ruling planet, Mercury; and also the Moon that governs emotional and subconscious issues together with Venus the planet of love; all this in balance will be giving you a good ability to handle these issues with great intelligence and you will be able to awaken emotions in yourself and develop them properly because it is an area of ​​your life that you normally do not pay much attention to.

You literally have Fortune over your 3rd house, the house of communications; in the sign of Leo. This will allow you to express everything you feel and think in an appropriate way and with a wonderful scope and results for whatever you want to achieve; congratulations and enjoy doing one of the things you know best, which is expressing yourself.


In the field of your specializations and higher studies is where you are possibly having a loving approach with someone who wanders around giving you signs of affection because the sign of Sagittarius from your 7th house connects with its ruling planet, Jupiter in your 9th house, the house of higher studies; Therefore, if this is the case, let things flow harmoniously and communicate what you feel and you will be able to see if the loving energy that is manifesting is reciprocal.

You have the very positive energy of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius from your 9th house to be able to focus on finishing, through a good routine and discipline, the studies that you have left lying around for some other reason, because despite the fact that this planet is malefic; Within this ruling sign, it tends to soften a bit and support so that ideas land and materialize properly; therefore, take advantage of this and consolidate one more step in your education.

Information received via the Internet, email, or other advanced means could show you various ways to improve your life. You may discover new ways to gain financial independence or methods to broaden your awareness and meet new people to share your experiences. Today heralds a period of expansion and adventure, and great things await you. There are no limits!

If you are in love, you will be fascinated today. You could plan just about anything, from a getaway with your crush to a lifetime of children and grandchildren. Although prudence sometimes limits your spontaneity, let yourself be surprised by the unexpected? The future will smile at you after the discouragement of recent times.


Your personality is intimately connected with what you love to do, which, being an Air sign, means expressing and communicating your ideas; This will be achieved in a refined and aesthetic way thanks to the presence of the planet Venus in your house, which is the ruler of your 5th house. Enjoy expressing yourself freely and if you are an artist, today is a magnificent day for you to make your creation.

Today you will be kind and considerate. Even though your home will be packed with activities, you will need some privacy. There are some things that you will have to think about, things from the last few days that you will have to analyze. Or you will just feel a bit tired. Let your family know how you feel. If you have time, take a nap.


Here we have to be especially careful not to keep negative emotions or thoughts to ourselves; in your eagerness not to harm anyone you do not express it in an effusive way at the time but that internally it can cause you some imbalance that in the long run can lead to some physical illness; Well, your 6th house in the sign of Scorpio connects with your 2nd house in the sign of Cancer, which has the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars; that in its falling aspect can be filling you with toxicity that you must purge to avoid diseases.

Someone who lives with you today is likely to be in a very strange mood. This person has heard some news that is confusing and probably uncertain and is therefore wondering what effect it will have on his situation. If he or she argues with you, the best advice you can give is not to panic until there is a chance to check the facts. The truth is probably very different from what you have heard.


The possible stress that you are having in your work due to having to reach the numbers that are asked of you and that you have the adequate results will be oversaturating you because Scorpio through Mars connects with your 2nd house in the sign of Cancer; this tells us that your work is causing you a conflict for not being able to reach what is required to satisfy even the needs of your home.

Relax and let yourself flow because there is no point in getting hooked on emotions that are not going to help you at all and better focus your mental energy, so abundant in you, to find solutions and improvements to the possible failures that you are having in your work.

The last few days have been challenging for you, with many ups and downs. Today should be different: things will go more smoothly, and those around you will be calmer. Your own energy could be high and wanting to socialize after work. Don’t stay taciturn at home! You will enjoy chatting and having fun with friends.


The economy is going to be a somewhat distressing issue for you because Mars in Cancer from your house 2 indicates that there will be anguish or stress due to internal problems in your family that must be addressed and that the economic income may not be sufficient or adequate. It is likely that in a meeting or group a series of unsolved mysteries will come to light. Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the truth about OJ Simpson, and other intriguing topics could captivate the interest of those present, thus generating a lively debate about possible outcomes. Make a mental note of the ideas expressed. Since they could give you a better idea of ​​the person who proposes them.