Gemini Horoscope in Urdu Wednesday 21st February 2018

Gemini Horoscope in Urdu Wednesday 21st February 2018

You will be caught in a real whirlwind, and you will have love projects in your head. But beware! This climate of emotional intensity may make you lose the compass.

Temper your ardor a little, otherwise, you could commit some nonsense. Always remember that “love is all eyes and sees nothing”.

With this aspect of Saturn, you will have trouble balancing your budget. Either your income will decrease slightly, or your expenses will increase.

In both cases, you will be forced to save money. Tighten your belt seriously, and you’ll get out.

With these astral aspects, to you professional expansion! Certainly, you will still have to cultivate patience at the beginning and face some delays and setbacks. But you will make up for it then. And then your progress will be dazzling.

Mars will be totally favorable to you on the health side. You will not lack dynamism or enthusiasm. But beware of Uranus, which can bring you little moments of nervousness, or make you susceptible to contagion. Be a little more vigilant, and everything will be fine.

You will find it difficult to create a serene and happy atmosphere around you. Family life may be subject to some tension.

You could be in conflict with your parents, or have communication problems with your children. In any case, do not let anyone interfere in your family’s affairs; beware especially of some neighbors or friends who are a bit too intrusive.gemini daily horoscope in urdu 21 february 2018

Social life
Here comes the time to get out of your usual environment and expand the circle of your relationships. Many of your projects depend on your friends or those who are dear to you.

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