Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel humbled, because Jupiter in Pisces is happy to stay behind the scenes to help, not looking to be the center of attention. You will also feel very sensitive, but easy to handle. You may not be very ambitious for now, because you found your comfort zone and you prefer to stay there for now.

Generally the Moon in opposition to Jupiter is a positive aspect, but its misdirected energy can cause you problems with excesses. You should even be careful not to be too nice. You can be too generous with others and leave yourself and your family short of their needs. Other consequences of excess can include shame, disgrace, separation, and illness.


You like variety in relationships, and your tastes change frequently. It can be hard to stay clear about what you want. You need your partner to support you with the need for variety and fun, as well as being interested in your mind. You also appreciate the space to hang out with friends and without.

You may be more attracted to visual and sound healing techniques, as well as energy work of all kinds. Art, music, and dramatic therapy become more prominent with this aspect. The connection between prayer, heart power, and global healing is sure to receive more attention. It is the good energy of Jupiter passing through the sign of Pisces.


For now you can use words to put her in an erotic mood, but choose them carefully. People with Venus in Gemini are often changeable in their likeability. They are changeable, mysterious and, at the same time, diplomatic and independent.


The sign of Scorpio passing through your 6th house generates energy to affect the reproductive system. Scorpio makes you a victim of your hormones that can take you from celibacy to frenzy and so on as many times as necessary. This susceptibility to hormonal swings can turn a Scorpio’s hormonal cycle into a nightmare.


Today you have Scorpio discharging his energy in your 6th house, this aspect generates conditions for you to be discreet and efficient at work, you are very confident in your abilities and you do not need a beard to feel good. You stand out especially in critical situations, you take control, assume responsibility and bring out any conflictive situation.

Money and Luck For today the sign of Cancer discharges its energy in your house 2, the house of material resources, and for Cancer the most important thing is to share what you have with the family, so you will be happy to spend your money on family gatherings, restaurants, trips family and your children’s studies if you have them. However, you are also concerned about your financial security for the future, so you will also be saving.