Gemini Horoscope weekly April 3 to 9, 2017

Gemini Horoscope weekly April 3 to 9, 2017

Work: Good days for sales and purchases, very commercial and favorable day with your relationship with money. In the couple everything stays in harmony as long as you manage not to bring the problems of work to the house and vary their topic of conversation.

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Do not be obsessive. It is a time of transformation and mobilization, the moment of sincerity to grow in freedom and the natural joy of being yourself and feel that works in the realization of true dreams, for its fulfillment and development over time. Today there will be extra motivation to fight for your ideals. On the other hand, your work will be well recognized, as it deserves. Ideal period to consolidate unions, consolidate couples and start a coexistence.

Love: Lovers will enjoy excellent communication. Good day to plan for two changes, travel or work changes. The fulfillment of your goals and the wonder of the original and proper growth obey only you and your ability to give in to your own dreams. The road never ends, even if it has made praiseworthy achievements, it is always necessary to move forward. Scorpio can be an inexhaustible source of pleasure but the lack of dialogue can significantly damage the relationship … There will be a turn in the way you have to conceive of your relationships, you will not intellectualize your emotions so much and you can live in this way passionate and crazy moments .

Health: To stay in health: use natural therapies. A physical and creative activity at the same time can bring about important changes in you. Remember: when the body moves things move inside … Certain aspects of life are not eternal as they are supposed to be, nothing is eternal and everything has His time in this life. You can try to keep what you have but always things need to have life, and life is movement. Meditation is a path that helps to solve goals and realize dreams, achieve your repeated thoughts, keep you focused on your true desires and gradually teach you to be yourself in your own way of life.

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