Gemini Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

Gemini Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

No disagreement today in the love field. The good agreement is on the agenda. If you had to make a decision, you take it without any worries, with ease. You receive the support of your loved ones, that reassures you.

In couple: Thanks to the good aspects of the stars, you are on your little cloud, your partner also. Your day unfolds a little as you had hoped, without conflict, without clash, in joy and sharing with two.gemini love horoscope today 20th december 2018

Single: Today, a radical transformation gives you wings. You will not find the words to explain to your loved ones how happy you are to be attracted to someone you really like. Be attentive to your desires.

It would be difficult to find planetary aspects more pleasing than those of this day. There will be something new or a happy and unexpected evolution of your present life. Single, it is likely that your partner of the moment pushes you to accept his proposal of marriage as soon as possible. Do not give in to his pressure. It will first be necessary to be completely sure of your choice. Beware of emotional embarrassment and wait for the lull of the senses to decide. If necessary, seek advice from competent people.

Three stars, not very nice, will join. Their combined impact can be financially dangerous. Lack of foresight, impulsivity, unexpected and significant expenses can unbalance you. Still, some natives will take advantage of this global impact to try their luck and achieve a very profitable operation.

The present astral situation should allow the natives to regain vitality, tone, energy. However, if you still feel tired, it is probably because you do not respect your biorhythm: you do not try to sleep, get up and eat at fixed times. Your internal clock should not be constantly disturbed. The rhythm of hormonal secretions too often disturbed inevitably creates fatigue.

By Mary Emma

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