Gemini Love Horoscope Today

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Gemini Love Predictions Today [date]

The Moon is in Cancer and the planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto continue to be retrograde, the others are direct. The best thing today is to try to spend the day next to your loved ones, and if you have a couple go and plan a weekend where they can be alone, spend it quietly, talk and enjoy each other company. Love is cultivated.

Although your partner feels very sensual right now, you may not feel like being passionate at all. Your last days were very stressful and you can hardly move, so your response to sexual innuendo is not very enthusiastic. Your affection certainly has not diminished, but your partner can interpret your behavior that way. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your friend knows exactly what you feel, and why you feel that way.

But well, not everything is in favor of Gemini, because although you can always see it from here to there, even if you can believe that you have control of everything is not always so, things are not so easy. Gemini also falls in love and, although he does not do it very often, when this happens, he falls in love deep, to the bottom, and can even touch obsession. When you have become a challenge for Gemini, you are lost, seriously, they will go for it all, hunting mode, enjoy and suffer at the same time, but you can not leave it aside.

Gemini never ceases to discover new things, is in continuous expedition to know a new world and therefore also knows so many people in the life.

Gemini is a magician of enchanting words that conquers you little by little and causes you to enter into a fantasy of which, surely, will wake up before you.

This sign has very little tendency to have stable relationships, in fact is the sign that more tendency to live adventures lodges, let’s see, it does not have to be unfaithful but unlike other signs more focused on love, it does need constant stimulation Do not get bored

Gemini does not usually fall in love with his appearance, if not because of his way of being, his way of communicating, the originality of his thoughts and the somewhat eccentric character they have. They are not ordinary people, have great ease to process ideas and find original and innovative points of view, which gives them the ability to appear as a burst of fresh and revitalized air in your life.

Gemini in love needs a partner with the same capacity to regenerate that he, someone who does not fear the adventures, Gemini seeks in the couple someone who is able to surprise you, value the people with initiative that position themselves to His side to accompany him in the adventure of life. They flee from asphyxiating people who do not let them relish their independence and is that Gemini will never live the couple as a “one” if not as two individuals with cross paths.

Easy principles do not like, in fact Gemini needs time to fall in love, his head and heart have to be perfectly aligned to be classified as lovers, can be a very capricious sign that responds to the game of seduction, love to hunt, the more Do not worry if you see that a Gemini is connecting with you and is very launched, do not be afraid to say “not now”, will not flee in another direction, on the contrary: will fight hard to achieve He will take all his weapons to do it.

Impulsive, imaginative and chameleons, Gemini wants security just like the person who climbs a mountain, they need nothing more than a little rope that returns them to their origin, to their starting point if something gets really bad, do not need big promises No big plans for the future, Gemini wants to discover the path step by step, without ties, facing the challenges one by one, this is how Gemini lives also the couple, without wanting to put it in an urn that protects the relationship of what comes.

He hates to feel dominated by the other person, when he has a partner they usually look for the well-being of this too but they will not sacrifice their individuality in small things and do not respond to demands.

Another complicated issue is to understand the rhythm of Gemini, they go to their rhythm and you have to try to understand them, at least respect them, the same goes too fast or maybe it is very very slow, everything depends, if you are with Gemini and you have different rhythms you will have Than to look for subtle ways to take it to your land, Gemini will surely be trying to do the same with you.

In short, Gemini in love seeks a person other than his half if not a good traveling companion, someone intelligent with whom to have long conversations, that knows how to surprise and respect their space.

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