Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Gemini Horoscope April 2017 and its predictions

This month of April Gemini friend you will have luck. The most important thing is work, money, health. The lucky numbers for April: 1-10-19-29.

monthly gemini horoscope

Gemini love April 2017

With your partner you will regulate. You will continue to have problems like last month. Do not add tensions to the relationship, have more patience and listen, otherwise you will have the feeling that yours does not work. The 2nd fortnight will go much better and you will feel more attached to it.

Gemini Social Life April 2017

Social life will go much better than love. You will do group activities, trips, getaways, meetings, invitations to many events … You will be very requested. Enjoy, have fun and drag your partner with you, this way you will share nice and pleasant moments, so you will have less time to engage in discussion. This unites a lot.

Gemini work April 2017

At work you will do very well. It will be the moment in which you will be easier the technological, mechanical and scientific subjects. If you have to come up with a project, it will work out for you. You will get everything you dreamed of. You will work fast and very well, but do not rush, because you could make a mistake. Check everything before delivering.

Gemini and social life in April 2017

Social life, friends and work go hand in hand. You will make a lot of social life and have fun. You will have so much energy, that you will want to sign up for any activity, travel and food. Have fun! Be careful what you say, you could screw up or offend someone.

Gemini money April 2017

Very well with the money! Enough money will come in to make you calm. You do not care about money. Your purchasing power increases and income too. On the 15th, you could receive a strong income and at the end of the month as well.

Gemini family April 2017

With your family you will regulate! There will be moments of everything. Maybe you have something to say to your son and put him in his place. It’s about time, stop your feet. With Mars present, it will be very easy to tell you what you want me to do. Apart from this, you will be very comfortable at home.

Gemini health April 2017

Health will be very good. Keep going as you are doing until now, because all this helps you to have more energy and strength to do anything, to be present. You could hurt yourself in an excess of force and haste.

Gemini studies April 2017

If you are a student you will do very well. Your mind is very open to everything and you find it very easy to concentrate, so you can study quickly and calmly. If you are an adult, you should. It is a good time to recycle or study something you would like to learn.

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