Gemini Monthly Horoscope of December 2017 changes in his professional life

Gemini Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Gemini will go through the month of December for many changes in his professional life. There will be movements and restructuring that will affect you almost always positive, although that will depend on your ability to adapt, which usually does not have many difficulties. If you have been looking for new opportunities in your professional life, this month will put them on a silver platter, and also the possibility of associating with people who guarantee prosperous societies and abundance in everything related to your material goods.

Although you generally enjoy excellent health, it is also true that, sometimes, you abuse your strength. This month you are advised not to overreach with social life and exits, which are very intense, and that can leave you exhausted at the end of December. Try to respect your sleep hours and maintain a balanced diet. Your mind will be very agile, which is already a lot to say for Gemini, but try not to disperse and practice some discipline that helps you to concentrate like meditation, because sometimes, that excess of mental energy, is counterproductive.

The single Gemini will be of such a romantic and sonorous nature that many of her friends go from being the most independent women in the world to having self-pity attacks in which they believe that they will never find the prince charming. he forgets how many times they have frightened him with his amorous whims. They are advised not to overdo it and focus on the things that really matter. Gemini couples will experience a very passionate month, where your partner will surprise you and where romanticism will be the protagonist.

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Throughout December of 2017 your regent, the planet of communications, Mercury, will travel directly. First in the sign of Scorpio, until day 5 when it will move to Sagittarius. The Moon will be twice in your sign, at the beginning and at the end of the month. This double position of our satellite, responsible for feelings and emotions and body fluids, tides and large bodies of water accentuates your intuition in a way that will amaze you.

Gemini Love Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
With December the time has come to open your heart,Gemini. Do not shut up your feelings and say what you feel, but always with sensitivity and tact. So your love relationship will prosper. Many will be consolidating what was shaky. Love presents a vivid and beautiful tone in your life.

Gemini Health Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
So that this month of December your organism will march in correspondence with the planetary influence that exists in Gemini, try to sweat as much as possible and of course maintain your water balance by drinking plenty of fresh water. The best way to naturally detoxify is through active exercise and proper nutrition.

Gemini Work Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
During this stage concentrate your energy at home and if you work at home, or from home, dedicate yourself to improve your environment and you will increase your productivity. A new computer is a good investment and could represent a source of income. The second half of December will be very good news for Geminians looking for work.

Gemini Money Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

If you feel compelled to play in a casino or participate in some kind of contest you must be very careful and know how to withdraw when you have won enough, or start losing what you have at that moment. You are very intuitive, but you must follow those hunches so as not to throw overboard what you now have.

This month of December will be a happy month. They will feel full and full of joy, wanting to socialize and travel. The most important thing will be love and social life.

Love will be romantic, but more unstable than last month. They are at a very important moment, because the small instability that will arise during the second fortnight, can make the relationship more passionate and interesting. Best days: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,20,21,22,27

Your health will be fine. Good time to change your diet, to lose weight if you need it or simply, to cleanse your body, eliminate negative habits. Your libido will be very high and your love life very active. If you need to change the image, it would also be a good time. Good time to Meditate and acquire more security is themselves and more balance.

Your family will be fine this month. Your children will be organized and balanced and harmony is breathed at home.
The studies will go well. They will not have problems with the studies. They will be focused and they will be able to study at a little effort.

Your work will go much better, especially if you are looking for employees or if you are looking for a job, because everything that comes up during this period will work out for you. They will have a lot of work, that will come up suddenly, but that will bring them good income and success. In January they will be much better and they will get job offers, through their friendships. Best days: 5,6,7,13,14,15,24,25,26
The money issue will not worry you. They will be more or less stable, with the needs covered, especially during the first fortnight. They will be more aware of the finances of their partner or their partner. Your partner will do very well during the 2nd half and they will be happy for them. Best days: 3,4,5,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,17,18, 20,21,22,29,30,31
This month of December 2017 is going to be ideal to reconnect with the optimism, the lightness, the carelessness, all these values which have the gift to bring you the energy which you need fundamentally.

Indeed, the opposition of the Sun to your sector until December 22 focuses on a relational life that will bring you a renewal of these values and allow you to externalize what is best in you. The new knowledge you are likely to do in this period is very positive in all areas. It is also an excellent time to undertake a trip, travel.

The quincunx of Mars at your sign announces an extra work, a professional activity this month, which pushes you to more concentration than usual. You will have to make an effort to overcome some daunting tasks that will ultimately bring you undeniable clarity. Attention in family during the third week of December, there are susceptibilities to spare.