Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Gemini love August 2020
You lose the support of Venus on August 8th and therefore if you are going to meet a person you like, to interact with a person who appeals to you.

So take advantage of the first week of August and do not underestimate instead the following weeks that perhaps will still be rewarding on a loving level because Mars is still the zodiac sign Aries, so it ignites in you a strong desire for love passion and enthusiasm about even simple adventures to live.gemini august monthly horoscope 2020

If they are alone, then the month is positive and lucky and although they are already in love they could live four weeks full of emotions to share. In particular, eroticism is very accentuated, but with such an instinctive Mars they run the risk of burning their energies immediately, so it is necessary to proceed with great caution, without asking too much of the couple. Do not give up friends, something could be transformed into love.

On August 19, Mercury will move to the IV House of Gemini, sector of the astral map where he will also receive the Sun, on 08/22. This configuration favors home renovations, residence moves, and even the purchase of the real estate.

From a more intimate and personal perspective, the twins’ House IV transits promote family conversations, the desire to build a home, and recognition of the comfort zone.

For the couples of the sign, the square between Mars in the XI House of Gemini and Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24), retrograde in the VIII House, points to conflicts generated by mistrust, which generate certain elements belonging to the native’s social circle (friends, colleagues).

Keep in mind that Chiron is also in apparent retreat in the XI House of Gemini, which raises serious questions about your position in the group, shared influence, and how you preserve your individuality, within the team context.

Do not forget that there are currently three retrograde planets in your House VIII (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter), which means that you must explore inward (introspection), to determine the factors that trigger feelings of insecurity and mistrust towards those who get “too close”.

On the other hand, for the singles of the sign of the twins, the presence of the asteroid Juno in the V House, indicates that any loving proposal will be considered seriously, and not as a simple adventure.

In this sense, it is prudent to clarify (in advance) the terms of the interaction with your suitors, to avoid misunderstandings or unpleasant surprises, as the action progresses.

Gemini work and money in August 2020
You must take full advantage of the period that begins on August 6 and runs until August 21. Indeed, Mercury transits through León in this period, but being quick, he asks you to take advantage of any work opportunity, opportunity, profit.

The mind is short on ideas at the beginning of the month and the end of the month, but during the rest of the period, you can have really good results, get a job if you need it, or, anyway, schedule interviews after the summer holidays, in September. If you have a good job then Mercury confirms other very good occasions, interesting earning possibilities and with Mars supporting physical energies, you will be able to work calmly without feeling too fatigued.

You are not yet supported by Saturn or Jupiter, but if you lay the foundations for the future now, if you know how to sow well, you will soon reap the fruits of hard commitment. Beware of economic distractions.

The entrance of Venus in House II of Gemini (07/08) favors the reception of income for artistic creations, creative work, real estate operations, banking transactions, and investments.

However, the management of resources may be affected by the squares that Mars in House XI, will star with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24), planets that are retrograde in House VIII of the twins.

This planetary configuration supposes that the native may feel pressured socially, to carry out a process capable of putting at risk the family patrimony, or of business society, (sign in your position).

In the workplace, the presence of the asteroid Juno in the House V of Gemini refers to the determination to protect subordinates, and promote their projects, from a leadership position.

On the other hand, from 04 to 18 August, Mercury will be passing through the III House of Gemini, aiming at the dissemination of ideas, and the execution of professional updating courses and workshops.

As the Sun is in this same location (House III), until 08/22, where the New Moon will also take place in Leo on 08/18, the subject will be willing to invest in their training, and meditate on the future.

The fact that Mars in House XI of the twins, holds trines with the Sun (08/16) and Mercury (08/17), located in House III, favors the execution of teamwork and the promotion of initiatives of impact on the collective.

Note: the asteroid Vesta will enter the House III of Gemini, on 08/11, an astrological position that favors the spokesperson (being a spokesperson) for political, social, or humanitarian causes that you are passionate about.

It is important to keep in mind that on 08/30, there will be an opposition between Mercury in the IV House of Gemini and retrograde Neptune in the X House. This aspect involves the clash between the concept of realization predefined (or imposed), and the aspirations of the native.

Since Neptune is in apparent decline, it is convenient to analyze your ambitions with a dose of realism; since the perception of the context in which you operate, may not be the most reliable.

Finally, the Full Moon in the Aquarium on 03/08 will touch the IX House of Gemini, which for the students of the sign represents the (successful) completion of tasks, research work, and academic procedures.

The lunar event also aims to rediscover your truth and the path that will guide you towards your evolution.

Gemini lucky August 2020
During this summer month, the destination events are not so important and attractive. But it must be said that it is often much better not to receive anything from destiny but to feel physically good.

In fact, throughout the month, Mars forms a sextile astrological aspect with its native Sun and therefore everything can be especially valuable in achieving the optimism and confidence that they may have lost in the past. As for the energies, they are exceptional, although you have to be very careful not to act on impulse.

Unfortunately, Jupiter in Capricorn does not facilitate the arrival of lucky events and all that goose comes from a good but not incredible Venus but only until August 8. With Mercury in León from the 21st, on the other hand, you can get advantages thanks to new collaborations and be able to invest a quantity of money to improve the workplace, but we can confirm a month in which not much arrives.

The entrance of Venus in the House II of Gemini (07/08) aims to cultivate self-esteem, dismantling old beliefs, and building a new scale of values, aligned with the new reality of being.

Remember that the North Node is located in the sign of the twins, so the native goes through a search process, to redefine her identity, mission, and purpose.

Venus in House II of Gemini also talks about connecting with the emotional world, on a deeper level, and investing in self-care and personal development activities.

On the other hand, the beginning of the retrogradation of Uranus in the XII House of Gemini (08/15), warns about the risks of addiction to technology, and the possibility of experiencing claustrophobic episodes.

The apparent backward movement of the planet of change can generate a hostile or sullen attitude and the fear of losing freedom or feeling that one’s independence is restricted by external factors.

To counter this trend, you can implement practices such as digital minimalism (creating a healthy relationship with technology); the meditation; and the internal recapitulation of the events of the past, from a constructive and therapeutic perspective (sorry), without blaming yourself.

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