Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

This August for Gemini will be a slow month, no change. Patience! The most important thing will be family and home, work and love. The lucky numbers for August: 1-2-3-4-12-13-20-21-30-31.

You are energetic, you are on all fronts and you communicate with great pleasure. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn combine to help you trade successfully, mobilize with ease, and nurture beautiful ambitions.gemini monthly horoscope for august 2021

However, on a day-to-day basis, Mars and Venus cause some tensions or emotional incidents and Neptune wraps many of your ideas in a thick fog. Your critical mind is on alert and you must be careful not to offend the sensibilities of those around you. Put some patience and diplomacy in your activities and meetings.

Love in August will be good. If you are in a couple, it will be a quiet month, without peeling and stability. It is what you need to feel safe. If you are single, you will live a very intense month of August, with new relationships and sporadic relationships. You will be attractive to the opposite gender and you will be very successful.

Venus and Mars make you nervous in love, you tend to tear things apart and exasperate your partner if you don’t show yourself a little more romantic. You confuse home and administration, you forget to tense the ranks, to put something fancy instead of putting order at all costs. Fortunately, from the 16th, Venus will exalt your power of seduction and your sensuality. Be patient and kind at the beginning of the month and take advantage of it at the end.

Social Life
Social life will be active and you will live it through your friends forever. You will enjoy it and it will help you disconnect from your work. By talking to them you can find the solution to your work. They can give you their point of view. On the other hand, you will really want to go abroad, but be careful if you go on a trip. Check everything well before leaving, because mishaps could arise during the trip.

Work and profession will be important during August, but you will see that you have to put it another way. What you don’t know is how? Don’t break your head. Focus on the family now and when you are clear about what you want to do, the changes you want to make, act.

Communication is great, but activities are hampered, hampered, or out of luck. You find it difficult to tap into your creativity and you are too hungry for tedious or meticulous work. However, at the end of the month, the sky changes color and you should be able to do excellent business, especially if you are dedicated to commerce or communication, the doors will open, it is worth being patient while you fine-tune your projects with discretion.

Money and Luck
Your economy will be fine. You are still unstable, but you cover the expenses. This is important. The time to fill your pockets has not yet come. Be confident in the future, because there will be changes in the coming months and you will earn much more.

Your financial life is quite stable, although in August you can fall into impulsive purchases. You spend mostly on the comfort and practicality of your home, so you can consider reforms or renovations. Think it over and get some advice before embarking on large, expensive, and time-consuming projects. Investments can also be made through partnerships, agreements, commitments, contracts. What you have on hand is protected.

Your health will be fine. You are not going to get sick, but you are going to feel tired. A lot of work and a lot of stress will lead to exhaustion if you do not put a remedy. Do everything you need to recover your energy: sea baths, massages, gymnastics, walking, Taichi or YOga … You will need it.

You are vaguely dissatisfied despite some undeniable successes and can, at times, be hurtful or derisive if you are under stress. It’s best to release your stress on hobbies that take time, meticulous work, or easy relationships with your best friends. By the end of the month, the tension builds up a bit more, you feel loads and duties pile up, making you feel dark from time to time. But overall, you are quite optimistic and enthusiastic.

Gymnastics and cycling are the best activities, you can expend your energy without forcing yourself and relax to play mind games: a treasure hunt with the family, a walk in the country, an improvised barbecue. Let yourself live, don’t make too many plans outside of work, and enjoy the good things in life. If you’re on vacation, take a nap and relax, with a good book to get away with instead of videos to put you to sleep.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family will be the most important this month. Focus on enjoying family and the well-being of your home. It is with them, with whom you will find the emotional balance, that you need so much. Good time to paint your house or make small repairs.

The students are on vacation in Spain, therefore, nothing to study and yes to disconnect. If you are from Latin America and you are not on vacation, you will have a quiet month.

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