Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

This month of December for Gemini will be changeable and positive. The most important thing will be to work, money, social life, love. The lucky numbers for December: 1-2-3-9-10-17-18-27-28-30-31.

Creativity and brilliance, as well as innate intuition, will help you get out of many everyday matters, especially those related to finances. Therefore, take matters into your own hands and do not waste the opportunity that is presented to you, because the other will not repeat itself so quickly. Everyone who has been neglected for a long time has now finally paid attention to matters.gemini monthly horoscope for december 2020

There will be a pause in contact with your loved ones and friends. However, it will not affect your professional life. Avoid fights and misunderstandings, especially with those who are close to you. Otherwise, your course may be more impactful to you than usual. Your health requires more attention, particularly when it comes to your sinuses and your respiratory system.

In December you will be extremely vulnerable to frequent infections and colds, and as prevention is better than cure, take dietary supplements, take care of your healthy diet and get regular physical activity. Playing sports will be extremely beneficial for you at the end of the month, when your mobilization, commitment, and consistency will be at the highest level.

If you are married or in a relationship, in love things are going well for you, but this month there will be tensions. The blood does not have to reach the river, but if you do not want to spend a sad Christmas Party, you better control yourself and do not get into silly discussions, which could lead to something worse. You are going to become more demanding within your relationship, you want everything: love, passion, and connection intellectually. If you are single, your charisma and power of communication will make it very easy for you to relate to the opposite sign and you could end the year with a new love. Foreigners will attract you.

Social Life
Social life will be very active and your great people skills and your strong dialectic will make it easier for you to make new friends, open new horizons, and discover a new culture. Foreign people will attract you for the exchange of ideas, cultures, and for being the novelty, the exotic.

The work will go very well! You will be very focused on working and work will come to you from everywhere. Starting in the middle of the month, you will fully dedicate yourself to work. It will be the center of your life. You want to take advantage of the hot streak and it will be worth it. You will be less at home, but the benefits will be large and it will compensate you. You will feel satisfied with yourself.

Economically you will continue to do well. You will earn more and more money and you will be able to pay yourself all the whims. You will be calm and stable. You will have extra expenses this month, apart from Christmas gifts, since you will have to do several repairs in your house. You will have the money for the repairs and everything.

Family and Friends
In your family, it is special if you have siblings, they could have problems and they will ask you for help. You will have to do several repairs at home. You know, that when one thing breaks, others appear behind it. The car could also break down.

Your health will be good. Continue with your daily exercise and your diet during the week, because it suits you very well, you cannot be without exercising. It would be good for you to do Meditation every day.

If you are a student, it will be regular. Changes in the Curriculum will affect you and you will become discouraged. You could change your career if you are a university student; or change school, no matter how old you are.

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