Gemini Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

The month of May takes you out of your reserve and gives you the floor from day 4. Your speeches will be sometimes confusing but always powerful because you have the art of formula. Venus will support your charm and your power of seduction, between beautiful words and smiles, you will make the most of the assets that the May sky offers you. In the second half of the month, you will have to maintain a sense of reality, as Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces can lead you to the realm of chimeras and illusions, which can be harmful. But in general, a month full of meetings, exchanges, and good feelings should make you evolve quickly and well.

This month of May for Gemini will be very changeable and very dynamic. The most important thing will be love, money, and spirituality. The lucky numbers for May: 1-2-3-4-13-14-22-23-30-31.gemini monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love this month you will experience changes. If you are married or with a partner, you are going to go through a severe crisis, due to the lunar eclipse on the 26th. Only couples who are very solid will be able to survive this. Many will decide to separate. If you are single, it will change the way you view relationships and love. You will be attracted to very confident and successful people, people with power and you will meet them to go out. It will be your goal.

Throughout the month, the planet of love sometimes transits in your sky, but this astrological step is not enough to be able to affirm that lonely hearts will find their soul mate or in any case consoling new very intriguing, and attractive people. Behold, the support comes from Mercury and the Sun but only in the second part of the month. All this means that during the first 10 days of May you could meet a person who will approach you or that you yourself will try to bring closer but specifically this meeting and perhaps the beginning of a new friendship or love, may occur in the second part of the month.

Then if you are lonely hearts, optimal opportunities under this sky but if instead you already have a person to love your hips, you can live a period full of romance, great emotions of living, and many opportunities to exploit to be happy and satisfy demands of the couple and your family. You do not waste this time doing the usual things with the person you love, but you go out, you go on trips, you create situations that are very co-involved at an intimate and romantic level and you do projects like going to live together or choose the wedding date.

Social Life
As for social life, it will continue to be very active and you will be eager to enjoy life. You will want to indulge yourself in the broadest sense of the word. Food, meetings with friends, a getaway (if the Pandemic allows it), massages, beauty salons … You will want to enjoy everything. You will feel acclaimed by your friends and your self-esteem will go through the roof.

Work will be fine for you. Your professional life will continue with success and a lot of work. You will try to be as practical as possible, to be solving all the labor problems, in this post-pandemic world so complicated for business.

as far as work is concerned, certainly, the second part of this year is really very good and allows us to be efficient and happy in new projects. If you are thinking of starting a new work street, on the other hand, you are waiting for the second part of May when the planet Mercury, in transit right in your sky, will allow you to be truly happy and to receive the good news of luck. If you are looking for a job then you do talks in the first 10 days and you could get a confirmation within the end of the month.

If instead, you are independent workers, then the rents could increase in the last two weeks while also the ideas will be more concrete in your mind. Although Jupiter does not guarantee immediate professional success, all the sacrifices that you make in this period can bring in future many income thanks to the trigone of Saturn that makes your life more stable. Indeed, it is difficult under this sky that you will be able to lose your job or make mistakes. Optimal period to make real estate and economic investments but you do not think you will see the fruits of your initiatives too soon.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be fine. But, you will have to continue to control your expenses and your income. You will have to carry out a very exhaustive control, because the inflows of money, although good, are going to be irregular.

As far as your physical condition is concerned, you should not have a bad period but your health should be quite good with Saturn that helps to get out of a quite complicated period and to solve several problems but that could carry a slight pessimism. Fortunately, little optimism comes from Mercury and Venus, and especially the second part of this month will be excellent to feel in optimal physical shape with good energy.

Well, if physically they are quite well, mentally everything still works better and the sense of trust that you have allows you to also find good solutions to bureaucratic, legal, economic problems that have already been born in the past year. Mercury indicates not only good news but also support, the meeting with a person who could become very important in your life in the future. Then a new friend, a new help, someone or something that allows you to be more satisfied and serene and with this positive Mars in the first 15 days about, you can do sports, long walks and improve your physique beyond your mind. Little blissful events and slight gambling luck but you don’t spend too much money.

Family and Friends
The family is fine and your home is quiet. You feel comfortable at home, with your children and your family. It is the warrior’s rest. You will have everyone stuck there, waiting for your advice and enjoying your company.

This month you will be in very good health. You will feel energetic and happy, but you are in danger of having an accident, so watch carefully with the car and with home accidents. Take life more calmly from a week before the eclipse and 5 days after. The news of the 11th will make you evolve spiritually.

You are in top shape and your energy increases with each passing week. It’s a great time to exercise outdoors, get back to biking, or hiking. Your especially sharp mind also needs intellectual nourishment – this is a good month to start a course of study or embark on a new subject. Finally, if you have the opportunity to participate in group activities, whatever they are, you will do yourself a good and you will likely meet new friends, or even more if you feel like it.

If you are a student, it will be regular. The lunar eclipse on the 26th will affect your studies. You will feel disoriented and unmotivated. Take it easy and think carefully about what you want to do with your life. If you have changed your mind and want to change your career or studies, nothing happens. The important thing is that you have found what really motivates you in life.

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