Daily Gemini Horoscope for Saturday 23rd December 2017

Daily Gemini Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd December 2017

This weekend there are many ideas that come to mind, some of them very good, others not so much. While Mercury transits retrograde there are usually interrelation problems that must be known to do our bit and better understand what they want to tell you at a certain time, particularly in love.

Remember that most people, when they hear you are not trying to understand you but to refute or express their opinion, sometimes without even considering what you say, so when that happens do not insist, is wasting time.gemini daily horoscope 23 december 2017

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Work and Business

Gemini Work Today 23rd December 2017gemini daily work horoscope
There is an option in your work that is about to crystallize and that suits you very much, but do not comment until you have it firmly and decided because you could be living on false hopes or spoil everything with an indiscretion, be prudent.

Luck and Money

Gemini Money Predictions 23rd December 2017gemini daily money horoscope
You get that money you’ve been waiting for, Gemini. Happily, you can pay your debts and get out of your financial straits, but remember that this month of December is a lot of expenses and you do not want to “throw the house out the window” because when you arrive in January, you would regret it.

Great contacts with employees in the service. Good chances to increase your profits. But redouble your concentration with routine tasks. Flirting at a distance is favored.

Lucky Numbers: 83, 47 and 20. Color: cream.

Love and Romance

Gemini Love 23rd December 2017gemini daily love horoscope
When this happens you should avoid guiding yourself by appearances that often confuse you. Beware of losing trust in your partner because, without it, love dies right away and is impossible. Avoid unfounded jealousy, excessive demands and do not get carried away by rumors or gossip from complicated people.

Health and Fitness

Gemini Health Horoscope 23rd December 2017gemini daily health horoscope
If you notice that your energy level is lowering, it will be time to make changes in your schedule and include physical activity in them, definitely, as something basic in your agenda.

It is time to move, to put into operation what you know. As you act, you will reap the fruits of your efforts, Gemini.