Gemini Today Horoscope Monday 1st April 2017

Gemini Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 1st April 2017

With the start of a month that also marks the one of your birthday cycle in a few weeks and you are in your best moment to triumph sentimentally and get what you want. With these astral positions your life is wrapped with a cloak of extreme charisma and happiness and you manage to attract to your side whoever you are interested in.

Also because of the sexual projection that you emanate now two days from the direct transit of your regent, Mercury, you will feel wanted, wanted, wanted by many and many to share very intimate moments and do something that in the past you would not have done but that You consider in a natural way at this stage.

You’ll be a bit susceptible to some things that have happened to you in recent days. Keep your head up, do not let some heavy days make you feel like everything is lost. Attentive, Gemini, life does not stop for a small problem. Do not be a coward and keep fighting. In love, if you have a partner that person will notice that something bad happens to you and will worry more for you, that will make you see that you really care about him and he loves you.

One of your parents or an older relative will give you a very important revelation, yes, prepare yourself because the thing is a little strong. If you do not have anyone in your love life, more single than ever, get used to it, because these days it will not change.

Enjoy singleton, a person will arrive within a month, approximately, for whom you will lose your head and you will not know completely, of the round you will fall. In economics, you will feel calmer after receiving money that will be very helpful.

Today is a good day to risk. You can achieve success if you are prepared to defend the things that really matter to you. Imagine that you are the director of a movie, and that you have just found a potential producer for her. You have the script in your hand. Are you ready to ascend in life? Are you ready for success?

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