Gemini Today Horoscope Monday 29th May 2017, An unexpected encounter

During this stage of your Gemini birthday cycle there is a very happy tone in your family life and this Monday will be an important day in your sentimental life because you define situations that until now were unclear.

What suits you is born in the light, your effective landscape will be transformed positively. Someone who has not seen you for a long time will get in touch with you to do something that will benefit everyone in your family and you, in personal order.

Go prepare your papers because in a few days there will be an invitation to a trip that you must carry out quickly, and that will be helpful.

It is time for dreams of love so if you find yourself single or single, throw yourself into the adventure because the charisma that surrounds you is very high in this planetary stage.

Your geminian sign possesses a great internal resistance and an extraordinary capacity for physical regeneration when your regent, Mercury, is in direct transit, as it is happening now, so take advantage of it.

Tomorrow Monday you will be amazed at what happens in your surroundings. Your example and optimism will stimulate others and save you time, and energy. Your ability to work as a team will be the factor of success in a complicated task that demands the effort of all.

Closed doors will open and many opportunities will emerge, but it takes a lot of discipline and control to take advantage of them as they arrive. You are in a position propitious for those ends and your mind is agile so follow your intuitions that are now very sharp.

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