Gemini Today Horoscope Sunday 14th May 2017

Gemini Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 14th May 2017

You need to take action regarding an unhelpful situation that has occurred in the couple, it is likely that the person next to you is having doubts about you, maybe they have said something that has caused confusion, you will have to put everything On your part to give you greater security.

It’s time to see the truth about a person who has lied to you, do not let this keep happening.

During these days you will be performing new work tasks and assuming other responsibilities that will demand of you a greater level of attention. Do not rely only on your memory, act quickly and safely, but at the same time in a conscious way because doing something in a routine way could cause mistakes. Trust your intuition and experience. Anything is possible right now so check out any negative attitude. You will be able to fully enjoy what life is giving you and have a rest of the month of May spectacular, as your birthday cycle in a few days.

Today Sunday the Moon is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, as well as the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. You are in the period of emotional learning. A person you thought you knew well will act in a way that will amaze you. Take it as an experience. Your personal charisma, joined to the charm of your pleasant and fluid conversation, will conquer a timid heart and you will feel admired and recognized.

If you have felt badly recently look for the answer within yourself. It’s time to eliminate unnecessary worries from your life. Remember that the more organized your mind is, the better your body and your health will react because both go together in an indissoluble unity.

Attention, Gemini, new opportunities will arise in which there will be development for you so open your eyes because the job prospects that in this astral cycle of May are very promising.

Arrange your bags quickly, the opportunity to travel is presented from any angle, can be for pleasure, business, studies, moving, health, the reason this time is the least, if you have the opportunity to travel do it, you will receive an excellent surprise and Better news in doing so. Cheer up. Affirmations are a good system for not being dragged by the pain, decay or power of social mandates learned and alien to ourselves. Difficult moments can be dealt with more calmly and with daily affirmations. Do not be surprised by a complicated moment without weapons to face it. The family can interfere with your love life if you allow it, and nothing good will come of it. Harmony is very necessary and it is in your hands to achieve it, you will be rewarded.

The time has come to put your internal resources to work and to start the mechanisms by which you will attract money and fortune to your side. You are going to sign a document that you should read very well to avoid future errors of appreciation.

Life has strange ways of showing you the way, so it is necessary that you try to see what you have to give yourself today, you probably have to make an extra effort to see what is trying to show you long enough .

The work needs the same, you are putting aside your obligations.
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