Gemini Today Horoscope Thursday 25th May 2017

Gemini Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 25th May 2017

Do not be naive today. It’s your time to lead. At least express your opinion so that those around you know it. Add a little fire to your day to brighten things up and put the energy in motion. There can be a powerful transformation within you when you begin to exercise power instead of delivering it blindly to those around you.

This is a Thursday of intense activity in your love life and family because you will be very clear mentally, clarifying suspicions and doubts and at the same time with many ideas that will help you increase your income in a short time.

Get ready and getting used to the idea of ​​a change in your environment because it will not surprise you when someone breaks your word, misses an appointment or does not act as expected. In love no one will be able to deceive you, you will know what to do at all times! If you said or did something that was not appropriate now is the time to apologize so as not to lose for a bad word said a nice relationship of friendship or work.

The Gemini Day Horoscope

Astral Climate

A solar dissonance will trigger an astral storm. You can drown yourself in a glass of water!

  • Love
    Friend Gemini, expect a complex day made up of many misunderstandings. The Sun will not really be your buddy. Today, it will even have swum in the camp of your enemies … You will be completely disorderly and will brew a lot of air. Alas, three times alas. With your actions, the mountain will give birth to a mouse!
  • In a relationship with
    Because of a capricious Sun, your extremely negative attitude could eventually turn against you. In addition, the actions of your partner will prompt you to ask questions about his frankness. Friend Gemini, the sentimental scratches will be deep. You will feel attacked from all sides and totally overwhelmed.
  • Single
    You will be the most blatant bachelor of the zodiac. You will be able to forget an appointment in love or to deceive you in the first names. This is messy, and especially not fun. Even if the Sun will put you in the wheels, it can not bear the burden alone. You would have understood it. You also have your share of responsibility.
  • To revive the flame
    Have you ever tried the experience of frolicking in nature, by car or in an unusual place? Making love in an unusual place will awaken your libido!
  • Your sensual cocktail
    Make the “Alaska Ice Tea” recipe directly in the glass. Pour directly into the glass on ice cubes.
  • Job
    In your job, you will be an improvident employee who will calculate badly his goal. For your records, you will react first, the reflection will come after! You will not know the middle ground. With you, and a dissonant Sun, it will be all or nothing.
  • finances
    Friend Gemini, under an excessively dissonant solar contrarianity, you will lose all logic in the management of your finances. The circulation of your money will not be fluid. Euros will not arrive as easily on your account.
  • Success

Your lucky number of the day
Your daily figure is 23.
Your lucky charm of the day

Place a vial of water from Lourdes on your bedroom wardrobe to help you heal.

  • Friends
    Today, the excitement around you will lead you into a conflict that you do not want. It’s up to you to choose your friends.
  • Family
    Due to a solar annoyance, you could be totally overwhelmed by the domestic tasks inherent in family life!
    To pamper your loved ones.

It’s their feast

Recipe of the day

White cheese in Russian

Preparation time: 2 h
Number of people: 4-6

500 g of white cheese at 0 or 20%
1 pinch of salt
4-6 green olives

Salt the white cheese.
Divide it into 2 equal portions.
To the one add cumin.
To the other add the chopped olives.
Leave to rest for 2 hours before serving.
To be tasted with bread slices.

This recipe brings about 65 k cal per person, including 7.5 g of protein, 1.5 g of fat and 5 g of carbohydrates.
A strong melancholy will take hold of your enthusiasm. Your mental form will be a distant memory!
To take care of you

your beauty
Two or three drops of perfume on your hair, you will make happy.

Your outfit
We do not throw away worn leather! It will make you feel no matter what you wear!

Your perfume
Persistent and aromatic, the perfume of the pink bay releases fragrances of pepper and sweet spices.

Your color
Dare the flashy colors for your varnish, to match with the color of your shoes. Effect good mood guaranteed!

Your stone
The feldspar will restore your desire to learn and awaken the need for new experiences.

Your sport
To defend yourself and be reactive, do not hesitate to introduce yourself to the techniques of self-defense, always useful!

your hobbies
A hike presents itself, take advantage to register your whole family, guaranteed discharge!
Decoration ideas

your house
Do not put a mirror in front of your bed: it would send you back the bad waves accumulated during the day.

Your garden
The ivy will make a nice effect if you wind it around a wire to make decorative crowns.

The planetary combinations that now reign in your sign of the air element will help you recover what you might have lost through recklessness or a moment of obfuscation in your personal relationships.

It may change your social scene causing difficulties or problems within your existential reality. When you let yourself be carried away by those negative emotions you damage your health and after all things remain as they are.

Your ideas do not always coincide with those of your co-workers or your way of being and these circumstances can cause conflicts or disagreements if you do not handle them diplomatically and skillfully, something that you know how to do well when you relax your air signal reactions.

It is your zodiacal day and you are in the middle of a positive wave of financial recovery that will allow you to get well out of your money difficulties in a short time. Soon you will receive a test of what you have on your way during this stage of birthdays.

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