Gemini Today Horoscope Thursday 4th May 2017

Gemini Today Horoscope & Psychic Predictions Thursday 4th May 2017

Life has many mistakes but it is also full of successes that you should start to enjoy if you want to live well and also want the same for your loved ones.

It is not good that you decide to take a risk that involves spending large sums of money today, you better start looking for the options needed to be much better in life and with bigger savings to later be able to dare to give this great jump.

Do not take it all for granted, because unexpected circumstances can occur just around the corner. You will discover that the great theme of the day is control – whether you want to control someone’s behavior or someone wants to control yours. Do not forget that the only person you are responsible for is yourself, and the only behavior you can control is yours. Manipulation of another person only causes anger and frustration.

You should not always think that life is giving you a hard time on purpose, it is not about this, remember that it is always us who give us the bad moments for which we travel.

Today is your zodiacal day you find the occasion and also the words propitious to express yourself sincerely and put things in their place in relation to a conflict of love interests in which you may have been involved in these past days. On the other hand you are turning very innovative ideas that if you put them to work will not only give you success in your work life but also in your intimacy because you will do something that will amaze yourself.

The Moon is in transit through Leo. The only retrograde planets are Jupiter, Saturn and the dwarf planet Pluto, and Mercury is direct. You are hypersensitive and a thought of mistrust can ruin your day if you question the love of who is by your side and let suspicions or appearances spoil a beautiful relationship. In the sexual plane let your imagination fly and do not limit yourself in any moment.

Do not make important health decisions on your own. You may feel disappointed with a treatment and you will want to change doctors or hospitals which is understandable, but before doing so always look for second opinions, do not be guided by the first one that arises.

Put your empathy, Geminian, that is, put you in the place of others. It will be easy for you to persuade others if you touch their sensitive points. If you need cooperation in your work, convince them with good words. You will achieve success with your magnetic personality and your way of acting, intelligent and persuasive.

The Moon, when walking through a sign of the element fire very closely with you is accelerating your natural impulses motivating you to start new economic negotiations that will give very good results. Guide yourself to your Geminian common sense that will take you to the place where you should be in each moment.

If you think you are in a bad episode of your life, then you should start taking everything with a lot more height to look for to overcome the difficulties that come along.

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