Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

The sun enters your home, like the heat in the houses and the tenderness in the hearts! Now is the time to start the best period, everything is in place for you to combine good fortune and personal success.

The stars indicate that this week you may tend to get carried away by your impulses without thinking about the consequences. Find a way to channel this momentum and avoid overly aggressive gestures and words with those around you in these confined days. Also if you have to make an important decision, think twice about what is best for you because you will tend to rush and make mistakes.

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You are very creative in your exchanges. It’s a good time to start a project together, change lanes, or spread your wings and access a fulfilling relationship. You benefit from the good heart of excellent provisions to improve your couple, to make new meetings, or to be interested in other cultures. Make way for novelty and discovery!

Be careful this week if you are a couple! Indeed, very busy with side projects, you will not be much available for your spouse. You will tend to neglect your relationship and this will be a source of disappointment. For the good of your couple, each makes some compromises. Single, you will not have a head for your loves either. The stress, the administrative, and professional imperatives will take you all your time. It would be good for you, however, to find a balance.

Your mind is burning with the desire to enrich yourself and push your limits. Juicy contracts should punctuate the week because you can skillfully negotiate your assets and assert your multiple skills. No one doubts your value or the obvious interest in adding your precious services.

But be careful, do not be in a hurry, do not run in all directions, do not disperse your energy. Do not jump on too many occasions, only on the right ones! Be careful not to speak, to assert under the influence of your impulsiveness, to others as to yourself.

Money and Luck
You manage your finances with extraordinary meticulousness. Suddenly, your piggy bank is worn like a charm. This week of May 11, you can afford to make a bigger purchase than usual. To get a good deal, use your gifts to negotiate. Do not hesitate to discuss the price. You will not cut it in half, but you will lower it significantly.

This week should be financially rewarding for you. A promotion or a new hire? Lucky at the games or on the stock market? An unexpected refund? The stars have a nice surprise in store for you! So, by the weekend, you can expect a large cash inflow. It’s up to you to think about what you will do with it! You could decide to treat yourself or take advantage of this money to save a little and carry out a project in the future.

Family and Friends
You will show real attention to the well-being and health of your family and friends. You feel the need to reassure them by your presence. If you are of the first decan, it will also be important to you that your loved ones show you their gratitude. You feel that your attention to them should be noticed from time to time. Keep in mind that everyone thanks you in their way. Whether with words or gestures. In any case, don’t be offended!

Once your batteries are recharged, you are re-inflated, you are safe from small blows of fatigue. You manage your emotions, including the most intense, your sense of contact is strong, you share your dynamism. Nothing filters in your house. The exchanges are of quality. This week you reserve some relaxing beaches in a very pleasant setting, just to conserve your beautiful energy.

This week you have a bird’s appetite! You have your head elsewhere, which generates a slight loss of appetite. You peck without much conviction and you may experience a small drop in energy as a result. Gemini ascendants, your energetic naturalness makes you particularly likely to suffer from it. To avoid undesirable consequences, treat yourself by multiplying small pleasures: make each meal a moment of gluttony and happiness to delight your taste buds!

In the sentimental field, however, good prospects. The influence of Venus, the planet of love, favors love affairs and can help you overcome that situation that is generating so many tensions. It is a good time to put an order in your relationships and reflect on what you want.

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