Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

The opposition of Jupiter is an opportunity to become aware of the mismatch between your ambitions and reality. But to return this transit to your advantage, you must remain in control of yourself because, if your situation does not satisfy you, you tend to put yourself forward arrogantly, to storm, to claim.

Safe a little less your partner and pamper yourself more! And yes, no question here of narcissism but rather of a balance to be found between oneself and the other, how do you want to be happy if you do not listen to your own needs in the profile of those of your half? Love is only the icing on the cake, the bottom line lies in your well-being, which you then offer to the other in your love story. Think about it!gemini weekly horoscope 11th to 17th november 2019

It would be a shame to ignore such an exceptional situation. Put the odds on your side by showing full availability and goodwill. The results will soon appear and you will only have to congratulate yourself for a week that pushes you to the top. The sky allows you to shine and seduce your interlocutors.

Your behavior does not please and you will not get anything. Instead, use this time to consider your existence with a step back, to understand where you are and to identify what you really need. Keep in mind that during this period you have a tendency to excesses of all kinds.

Money and Luck
Currently, the expenses are numerous this week of November 11th. To remedy any difficulties, you keep your accounts up to date by checking each cash outflow. This is not by stinginess, you simply need to reassure yourself and keep control over every expense. Without this becoming obsessive, this habit is to take with great seriousness, it will save you some troubles, and you will get satisfaction.

Your interlocutors lead you hard and you do not know what to do to disarm them without hurting you. Choose openness and dialogue rather than the fight that terrorizes you, unless you can not avoid it. Protect yourself from tension, watch your lifestyle carefully, ventilate your body and mind as often as possible.

For those born under the sign of Gemini, there is a week in which they will have to make certain decisions and let themselves spend no more time uselessly.

You may live some tense moment throughout the week with the family, for some silly dispute that will soon be resolved and you will return to normal.

In the workplace, you should be more flexible and adapt to the changes. If you have changed your boss or teammates it is logical that you have to adapt to what they ask you, you cannot always do things your way.

Some of you are starting a new relationship. Now is the time to enjoy the first meetings, the first appointments, the first messages … do not start to think about a future and live the present.

Those who have not been so lucky do not worry that during this week there could be changes in this regard if you are predisposed to it.

Those who have had a partner for a long time the week will have ups and downs in terms of relationships due to the occasional quarrel but of little importance.

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