Gemini Weekly Horoscope 14th August to 20th August 2017

Gemini Weekly Horoscope Predictions 14th August to 20th August 2017

With Saturn’s opposition, you may experience emotional frustrations, family problems or a noticeable drop in vitality. In such an atmosphere, you have great difficulty in blossoming. Your questions about the meaning of your life are many and the answers take a long time to clear up.

Your sentimental life takes a fresh start this week. You will meet positive situations for a real renewal and you will be able to transmit to your partner this strength. Luck is on your side especially if you were in a complex or difficult situation. You will overcome preconceived ideas, your audacity and your improvisation side are your best assets this week.gemini weekly horoscope 14th august week 2017

Your business activities will see a noticeable acceleration this week. You will be more solicited than usual to organize, manage, plan things, you will not fail to feel indispensable. You will have a tendency to regulate your professional entourage to overcome certain files. Caution in this sense, going too far may risk hitting some people.

You feel lonely and you lack enthusiasm to face your responsibilities. The period is not conducive to making decisions or undertaking important actions. You are too vulnerable to use common sense. It is unnecessary to fight against this influence. While waiting for better days, take the necessary distance to take stock.

Your budget will be more secure by celestial influx this week of August 14th. Indeed, you gain control over the material aspects of life, in the broad sense. It will be easier for you to make a good decision, and to commit yourself to the end. Even if you make the decision to make savings efforts, they will be less painful than expected. Habitat-related transactions and the arts are very much favored.

The planetary aspects that prevail in your sky this week will give you considerable energy, especially in terms of acting constructively. Your muscular vitality, your basic spring benefits from the aspects of Jupiter and Uranus, followed by the transit of Mars are energizing your metabolism positively. Only the point to watch out for, your hepatic balance, saving your liver is necessary midweek.

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