Gemini Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

Venus calms the play and tones your affective relationships of poetry and stability. You show yourself less impulsive in your financial and amorous expenses, wiser and more faithful in your various affections. You withdraw a little from the game and re-energize with your partner, in complete privacy, with discretion.

Your loving and friendly life is tinged in the next few weeks with the sensitive colors of romanticism, dreams and poetry. For some, this is the opportunity to share their sweet secret, for others, it may even be a request for marriage. This very sensual passage should strengthen your relationships.gemini weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd october 2017

It is under the high steer of Venus in a friendly sign that you will find a warm, authentic atmosphere, and bring you closer to your desires and dreams, thanks to external circumstances that oblige you to leave your reserve. Many of you will have a lot of meetings this week, which, with their turns of mind and their expression, will arouse in you awareness, deep reflections on the course of your sentimental life, to dig in your interest .

The climate looks agitated, which will not displease you. Only a tendency to runaway and authoritarianism could slow you down in your progress in terms of long-term career. The diplomacy of your entourage will seem insufficient. Your vision is more subjective, it is up to you to also make an effort to collaborate with others to keep the distance, this week in the best interests of your interests.

It is the power of your motivations that will be your greatest asset to advance your projects. In addition, your entourage will be a valuable way to move more directly towards success. You will evolve this week with a greater ambition and you will be faced with encounters that are the pivot of your financial opportunity.

You get support from Venus again in your sign this week of October 16th, which will allow you to feel your energy background thanks to the fact that you recover more easily. It is thanks to your more pronounced taste for humor that you can reinforce your optimism. Less receptive to the stress and surrounding tensions, you will be more resistant. On the other hand, it will be good to take certain precautions to avoid a lack of muscular solicitation.

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