Gemini Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th November 2018

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th November 2018

The opposition of Jupiter is an opportunity to become aware of the mismatch between your ambitions and reality. But to return this transit to your advantage, it is necessary to remain master of you because, if your situation does not satisfy you, you tend to put forward you in an arrogant way, to storm, to claim.

Your behavior does not please and you will not get anything. Instead, use this time to consider your existence with a step back, to understand where you are and to identify what you really need. Keep in mind that during this period you have a tendency to excesses of all kinds.

New visions and designs of your life will bring you the oxygen you need in your love life. Do not hesitate to leave in this discovery and to take advantage of new leisure to discover otherwise the joys of the love. If you are already engaged in a life of a couple, you will make your partner move positively. You can find in this change, the opportunities to realize your dreams, which you have been repressing for a long time.

You will work diligently in the course of your work, this week of November 19th. This week is ideal for dedicating yourself to difficult, complex, delicate negotiations. Mars gives you the emotional perspective to do the best you can, and your sense of analysis is very much on the alert. Make sure not to overflow your private time, your conscience pushes you there.

Money and Luck
Your material life will give you satisfaction this week. You must expect to receive good news followed by unexpected costs to pay immediately. It is in a cold-blooded effort that you will have an objective view of your real material situation. Beware of your bursts of generosity that tend to push you too far in spending, beware of compulsive shopping.

Your strength will come from your muscle punch from the beginning of the week, your mobility will be favored. Venus revives your legendary reactivity, which is ideal for getting back to a sporting activity, or progressing further if you are already practicing a sport. It will be good to monitor your digestive system. The internalization of emotions may cause excessive gastric juices.

By Mary Emma

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