Gemini Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

Your exchanges and your relations of proximity evolve towards a beautiful dynamism. Unexpected changes occur, pushing you to move and vary your encounters. New ideas add to your reflections and the circumstances are very favorable to you.

Good news, you are faced with particularly tasty circumstances. Your partner is more receptive to your needs, you shine in your emotional life and it’s nice to see. Your life is tinged with shades of pink! You cross a few limits, you are funny and sparkling, your company is appreciated and you are rewarded with multiple invitations.gemini weekly horoscope 1st to 7th july 2019

Doped by the stars, you overflow with energy and it is difficult to see what could stop you. Ready for all fights, fiery and even a bit snarling, you do not stop expanding your radius of influence and win the vote. You benefit from a planetary cohort favorable to your progress and your takeover of what surrounds you.

The sustained intellectual exchanges reinforce you in most of your opinions but you are just as capable of changing your mind when it is necessary. You come across multiple opportunities to move, to portray or to argue spontaneously.

Money and Luck
This week of July 1st it changes! Beautiful transformations are installed, your finances do not see any more red, all the lights are green. Positive effects affect your daily life, you can finally aim higher. You receive unexpected offers, a project takes an unexpected turn, the financial stake is important, it is beyond your expectations. If the unexpected comes to upset your plans it is above all for the good cause.

You are not immune to a soft spot this week, must say that you surpass yourself physically and energetically for some time. Your business will go well, you do not need to ruin your health to work, you are well surrounded and supported, know delegate more to breathe a little and regain your usual vitality. Your dedication is to your credit but your health is worth gold, pamper it.