Gemini Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

The square sun induces a tense climate that risks destabilizing you. Your hyper-receptive side has a hard time adjusting to the hustle and bustle. Things are moving at top speed. Everything seems to be going too fast and you have the distinct feeling of not being at the same pace as the others.

Stifled desires can make you taciturn. You risk getting stuck in front of your partner. Express what you have on your heart and do not remain in sterile doubts! You can’t change your personality to please your spouse. You have to make an effort to stay zen this week. You take everything straight away, it’s useless!gemini weekly horoscope 1st to 7th march 2021

Under the impetus of the planet Saturn, you will wish to develop your friendly and professional networks. For single people, you will multiply the outings and suddenly the meetings. For people already in a relationship, your spouse will be an ally of choice for your social advancement. Be careful, however, to maintain unambiguous relationships with the people you meet, out of respect for your partner.

If you are given a deadline, you have to respect it, you have no choice. At the level of work, there are a few difficult days in anticipation, the energies are down, your motivation is not there, it becomes complicated. You have trouble starting the machine. You should recover very quickly. Once your goal is set, you will regain some strength and especially your dynamism.

Instead of adapting, you indulge in pessimism, lack motivation, and find it hard to get involved. By adopting such an attitude, it would not be surprising if you received a few remarks.

Money and Luck
Your financial resources melt like snow in the sun. Are you aware that you are wasting your money without any holdback? This week of March you must recover, force yourself to tarnish a budget, and above all to respect it, your financial balance depends on it! Gemini Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

On the work side, the watchword of the week is rigor. In a highly turbulent environment, you are the captain who leads his crew to their destination. A true leader of men, it is by the light of Pluto that you guide yourself, and it is she who saves you from the pitfalls which threaten your ship. Stay the course and do not deviate from it, you will come outgrown in the eyes of all. By not giving in to the siren song, you show a presence of mind that puts you to your advantage.

Family and Friends
You will show genuine concern for the well-being and health of your family and friends. You feel the need to reassure them by your presence. If you are from the first decan, it will also be important to you that your loved ones show you their gratitude. You feel that your attention to them should be noticed from time to time. Keep in mind that everyone thanks you in their own way. Whether with words or gestures. In any case, do not be offended!

Do not give up your essential qualities and start building the new cycle that presents itself by sparing your strength and preserving your resources in order, in the long term, to have the necessary reserves. Try to save a little time to ventilate yourself, practice your favorite sport (without exhausting yourself), walk-in nature, clear your head.

If you’ve been going through a period of health concerns, your condition will no longer be a problem this week. Indeed, Pluto will give way to Saturn, which will have a much better influence on your shape. Be careful though, your reserves have taken a little hit. Pay attention to your sleep and your diet, so you can refill your energy meter. On the moral side, things are improving at the same time. At the physical level, you will keep in shape by staying away from excess.

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